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Tasco 10x25 Essentials Monocular
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bert2368's Review of Tasco 10x25 Essentials Monocular

Looked at the reviews while standing in front of the display @ Fleet Farm. 4.5 rating and $10.00, must be a good deal!

The only negative mentioned was the short focal length, and one mention of distortion at the EDGE of the field of view. Several mentions that it was workable, and a good value for the (low) price.

If it's less useful than your naked eyes, what value does it have?! This monocular is not acceptable even as a TOY. It is incapable of being focused, cloudy and distorted.

I am near sighted and wear glasses. I am used to lower price optics that require me to remove glasses to get the focal point close enough to use them, and use the focus feature to adjust for both distance AND my prescription- And expected this item to be similar.

Surprise, surprise- the focus adjustment of the eyepiece brought the image @ approx. 200 yards ALMOST to a useable level, then progressed back to useless. The lenses are cheap plastic, cloudy, milky looking and of poor light transmission.

I own Zeiss, Leupold, Burris, Steiner, Bushnell and "no name" oriental optics. I was emphaticaly NOT expecting the performance of a high end tool, but something better than the UNaided eye, at distance and with brigjt daylight, at a price point that would make losing the device while traveling inconsequential.

I have a background in physics and understand the parameters and trade offs in designing optical systems. This monocular isn't worth $1.00, let alone $10.00.
Cons: Useless. Incapable of focusing, distorted, poor light gathering, fuzzy.

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