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Terribly Disappointing!

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1 / 5
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Meets expectations 1 / 5
Usability 1 / 5
Value for your money 1 / 5

Author: mwinmn {!} from Rochester, MN on Nov 14, 2012
Pros:  Large lenses
Cons:  Poor design, not a good dot
Would recommend:  no

mwinmn wrote:

I saw this sight when it debuted earlier this year, ordered it in July, it showed up in late October. I was terribly disappointed with this sight and amazed Trijicon would have something this bad. When I got the sight I could see all sorts of red inside the sight, other than the simple red dot I was supposed to see. I saw some sort of ghost-like rectangular image, then could also see a large U shaped red image or shadowing of some sort, it almost looked like red circuitry. I have several other name brad red dot sights and on all of them all you see is a crystal clear red dot and nothing else, just like you ought to see. Not with this clunker. With this one no matter the light conditions you could see this small rectangular red shading or shadowing, and then also that U shaped circuitry looking red shadowing or shading. I immediately sent the thing back with my complaints. I was told there was nothing wrong with the sight. Trijicon's factory person also contacted me and said that their engineers said what I was seeing was normal. They said it was all from reflections off the inside of the sight. Interesting in light of the fact that I could see that in low or very low light as well as while using it in bright light... Trijicon also told me they'd send me a kill flash to try and eliminate that extra red I was seeing since it was normal. After being told that what I was seeing was normal, and that a kill flash would probably solve it, I ultimately decided to send the sight back for a refund, but of course not until after I had already spent nearly $30.00 to send back this nearly $900 sight for exam! It was nice that Trijicon was willing to send me a free kill flash to correct my issues, but honestly, if one has to add accessories like kill flashes to fix problems which should never exist in the first placem, then THAT is an item I just do not want to own. Period. One should not have to "fix" a nearly $1000 sight with an accessory item to correct it! I don't need to do such things on my Aimpoints, my Trijicon Relfex sight, or my EoTech. I should not have to do it with this SRS either. So my advice... Trijicon - send it back to the factory and get it right - a crisp, clear, simple red dot with no red shadowing, no red artifcating, no red seen except for the simple red dot you advertise this. Customers - spend your money elsewhere until Trijicon can get this thing right. I took my refund and am buying an Aimpoint M4 instead, for now. Maybe in a year when Trijicon works the bugs out of this I will look at it again, but it was sure disappointing right now. The concept was great, the design of the outside and the lenses and their size are great, the mount was great, the operation was terrible. You almost got it Trijicon, but not yet. For nearly $1000 you need to do way, way better and at least meet the standard set by your way lower priced competitors.

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