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Trijicon HD Night Sights - 3-Dot Front and Rear for Springfield XD pistols
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of Trijicon HD Night Sights - 3-Dot Front and Rear for Springfield XD pistols

Bought the Trijcon HD (SP101Y) night sight from Optics planet for use on a 9mm XDM, together with the Mepro (ML 11545) night sight Trijicon HD SP101Y for use in H&K P30. It was a deliberate attempt to compare the two well known sights at the same time, albeit on different guns. Had some discussions about the two sights through the OpticsPlanets QA Dept before purchase. Very prompt response and customer focus from the QA lady as well as the product specialist. A pleasure to deal with, and a credit to Opticsplanet staff. Rather than roughing it out with a punch to install it myself, I sent it to a proper armorer for installation with a press and zero the sights with a laser. The old sight from XDM was hard to take off (without heating the slide, which the armorer did not want to do) so he drilled it out. The Trijicon HD SP101Y went on the slide with some difficulties. An Armorer with proper equipment is well worth it, since Tritium tubes are involved. The Mepro sights were brighter than Trijicon HD in no lights conditions, but both are equal in low light conditions, at least to my eyes. In daylight conditions, they are comparable. Mepro has surrounded all 3 tritium tubes with high visibility paint, where else Trijicon HD has a large circle of hi visibility paint around only the front sight tube. I prefer all 3 dots to be equally visible, but I can see that some people might prefer the front dot to be more visible than the back ones. For me, the very visible front dot mutes the appearance of the two back dots on Trijicon HD. Both are good sights, so we are comparing the last 10% difference. As for the The price difference is rather large of course. I probably will stick with Mepro for my future night sights needs.
Pros: Very thoughtful design/High Visibility
Cons: a bit of tight fit on XDM slide

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