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Viridian Universal Fullsize Green Laser Sight with Tactical Light - Zombie Edition
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of Viridian Universal Fullsize Green Laser Sight with Tactical Light - Zombie Edition

I have this mounted to regularly carried Springfield Armory XDm .45. It fits well in the holster, and sees at least 120-200 rounds per week. The various modes are pretty easy to cycle through, and select, however when you change batteries, the unit resets to the default so you have to return the laser to the setting you want each time the battery is removed.

Both the light and laser are bright, powerful and easy to see. The light throws a very nice beam with a good focal point, the light has a nice color of white to it and goes out quite a long way. The laser is easy to pic up in almost all light situations. The strobe function of the light is very disorienting.

The light and laser are both powerful enough that caution is warranted when pie-ing a corner, particularly with light colored paint as both the light and laser can bounce off the light colored surfaces right into your face if youre not careful. If youre in a low light situation, be advised. This is not a problem, you just have to be mindful of the light & laser.

The laser on my X5L will not hold a zero. Through several range sessions. All of the mount screws are tight but the unit itself will not hold a laser zero.

For the price point that is really not acceptable and there is no warranty acceptable user corrections.
Pros: powerful light, easy to see laser, lots of functionality
Cons: laser won’t reliably hold a zero, custom settings lost with a battery change

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