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Vixen Newtonian Telescope Optical Tube R130Sf w/ Porta II Mount is currently on sale with fast shipping. Plus your total satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase Vixen Newtonian Telescope Optical Tube R130Sf w/ Porta II Mount and other Telescopes by Vixen.

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R130sf plus Porta Mount

Product Ratings
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5 / 5
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Usability 5 / 5
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Author: genestatz from Hinckley, OH on May 28, 2010
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genestatz wrote:

R130sf The R130sf is a great little inexpensive newtonian. Its very portable and easy to use. One cool feature was the ability to shoot pictures through the telescope with just a T-ring for my camera. All other newtonians I have had won't come to focus, but on the R130, the focuser barrel unscrews in the middle, so you are able to get the camera closer and therefore focus. The images were crisp and bright through the scope and its very light. Porta Mount The Vixen Porta Mount is an Alt Az mount made for small telescopes up to about 15 lbs. It can be purchased in a package with a VMC110L or other small scopes, or by itself. The Porta Mount can be moved manually by grabbing a hold of the telescope and pushing it to where you would like to look. It then has slow motion controls to make fine adjustments and keep objects in the eyepiece. The telescope can be side mounted using a vixen style dovetail or you can mount vertically with a right angle adapter bracket. Tension on both axis can be adjusted with the built in allan wrenches that can be found under the rubber piece on the head. With these wrenches, you can also set the handle orientation to the telescope how you prefer, which does come in handy. I found this mount to be the best Alt Az mount that I have ever used. I have put everything from small refractors, to the VMC110L, Celestron's C5 and C6 to their C8 on this mount. They all worked great, although the C8 had some limited motion in the vertical because of its width. The mount was stable enough to look at the planets at 200x and the slow motion knob come in very handy at this kind of power. Another advantage to this mount is its light, portable and makes a great grab and go. The only issue I could find with the Porta Mount were the slow motion control knobs. People have a tendency to grab the knobs and pull on them instead of pulling on the scope. The knobs were not designed for this and can break. Vixen has a 5 year warranty on all their products and excellent customer service, so they sent another knob without any questions. They do make longer upgraded knobs that will solve this problem. I would highly recommend this mount for anyone with a small scope. I actually found that I used my scope far more with this mount due to its ease of use and its portability.

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