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Vortex Monocular - Vortex Solo 8x36 R/T Tactical Monoculars
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Legacy Reviewer's Review of Vortex Monocular - Vortex Solo 8x36 R/T Tactical Monoculars

Got this for my EDC and I love it.
Super light weight with a beautiful bright image. Good for spying on some wildlife or on the golf course.
There are a few cons: The biggest (for me) is that its made for the right eye, The belt clip, grip, range finder (kinda), and eye cup are all designed for the righty. The belt clip can be removed and the eye cup can be rotated to meet the left eye, this allowing you to use the range finder with your left eye. The grip is symmetrical, so if you were to remove the belt clip it would feel fine.
I would really like a lens cap, at least for the objective end.
The focus is stiff and hard to move. I assume it will lossen up over time, but for now it takes two hands and some effort to move it.
The eye cup was flipped out/up during shipping and I assume storage. This created a wrinkle (or fold) on the eye cup. I have kept it folded over for about a month now (when not in use) and this has straightened it out mostly, again I assume it will fix itself over time.
The storage case is joke, I guess its better than nothing but not by much. It is open on the sides with just a stap of elastic holding the monocular in. This would be fine if it had lens caps, but for now it just leaves the devices open to the elements. Also the belt strap on the back of the case has a snap that unsnaps with no force needed, my daughter has better snaps on her onesie.
I read someone talking about the range finder not being in focus whist the subject is in focus, this is true, but only for thing in close range (close enough to hit subject with a rock).
All and all this is a great EDC monocular. Whether you keep it in you glove box, your day bag, or you golf bag I think it will serve you well. Its nothing overly special, just a good upper mid-range tool. I know I only seemed to highlight the bad, but that was all that was bad about it, everything eles was great. 100% worth my money, and I would buy it again.
Pros: Bright image, Light Weight, Just feels good in hand
Cons: No lens caps, Stiff focus, Built for Right Eye, Cheap case

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