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Weaver 4x38mm K4 80th Anniversary Riflescope - Dual-X Reticle, Matte Black 849419 is currently on sale with fast shipping. Plus your total satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase Weaver 4x38mm K4 80th Anniversary Riflescope - Dual-X Reticle, Matte Black 849419 and other Rifle Scopes by Weaver.

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Weaver 4x38 K4-1 80th Anniversary Rifle Scope

Product Ratings
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5 / 5
Easy To Set Up 5 / 5
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Meets expectations 5 / 5
Usability 5 / 5
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Author: RL Ruttinger {!} , "Builder" AND Shooter of Antique & "Antique Style" Marlin lever action rifles, as well as Antique US Springfield Military rifles, AND "Antique-style" Shiloh Sharps, Ballard & Hi-Wall Single Shot rifles, from Sheridan, WY on Sep 25, 2010
Pros:  Everything & MORE than Advertised!!
Cons:  IF Any: MORE a "Modern" design than a "Remanufacture" of an "Old Classic" or "Vintage" Weaver Rifle Scope
Would recommend:  yes

RL Ruttinger wrote:

I purchased the Weaver "4x38" K4-1 ["1-Inch" Tube Dia.] 80th Anniversary Scope about 1 month ago, now. While this quite NEW Weaver scope is somewhat reminiscent of the classic old, "Vintage" Weaver K-4's in its "Steel Tube" construction, it is probably NOT as "faithful" a "remanufacture" of the old "Vintage" Weaver K-4's as it is advertised to be, in terms of ACTUAL appearances! I want to stress immediately that, despite a certain disparity w/ advertisement wording, this lack of "Vintage Weaver" appearance is NO problem for me! The 80th Ann. Weaver K4 is a sleek & elegant, modern looking scope, featuring nearly ALL Steel construction of MAJOR components, including the Scope Adj. Caps, which DO have the old Vintage Weaver "Bullseye" pattern stamped into their top flats....I bought the Weaver K4 80th Ann. Scope to mount on a very NICE "specimen" of what I will refer to as [my] "Antique" [Mod.] 444 Marlin , manufactured during the Very EARLY phases of Marlin Model 444 production between 1965 & 1970---Based on Serial No., mine was probably produced somewhere between 1965 & 1967, though I haven't requested a factory letter as of yet. Back to NEW Weaver K4 80th Ann. Scope: It looks GREAT on my "Vintage 444 Marlin", despite some definitively "MODERN styling" in scope profile, etc.!! The "Blued Steel" tube and other construction/metal finish features of the 80th Ann. K4 Weaver matches WELL w/ the excellent cond'n. "Factory Original" bluing on my "Vintage" Marlin 444! Though I am MORE of a precision "Iron Sight" shooter (e.g., Marbles "Peep", or other brand "Vernier" Tang sights) due to principal styles of rifles I own & shoot, and I'm cetainly NO "scope expert"---In my humble opinion, the quality of optics in this NEW Weaver K4 80th Ann. is absolutely EXCELLENT for what I purchased it for: A rugged, reliable, fixed-power scope, to mount & serve on a HEAVY recoil, Big Bore, Lever Action rifle....The clarity of this NEW Weaver K4 80th Ann. is what I would imagine every hunter/shooter would expect from the BEST modern, fixed-power rifle scopes on the market today. Now for a few specifics: Feature No. 1) While the "title" of this NEW Weaver K4 80th Ann. scope includes the "4x38" terminology, it should be NOTED that the "38" [Presumably "38mm"] quite apparently refers to the approx. "Outside Diameter" (O.D.) of the "Eyepiece"---NOT quite obviously to the O.D. of the "Objective" lense section---In contrast to what is stated in advertisement "Specs.", and what one would normally expect, I presume. For me personally, this poses NO problem whatsoever, as I find the appearance & mechanics of the much larger 45mm "Objective" lense BOTH pleasing & useful! However, a dyed-in-the-wool "purist" Or "traditionalist" looking for a faithful "remanufacture" of the various old "Vintage" Weaver K4's (having BOTH smaller "eyepiece" & especially "objective" lenses!!), possibly for purposes of "restoring" some "Classic" old scoped rifle---Such persons would probably be rather disappointed in the appearance & design of the quite NEW Weaver K4 80th Ann. rifle scope w/ its 45mm "Objective" lense! IF what You REALLY want is a "Vintage" Weaver K-Series rifle scope, then I strongly recommend that that's exactly what You set-out to purchase, and there are numerous sources for these which I would be happy to inform other Optics Planet customers about, IF they so desire. In contrast: I plan to ACTUALLY hunt w/ my "Vintage" 444 Marlin, and therefore welcome the "Modern" features of the NEW Weaver K4 80th Ann. scope, including 45mm "objective" lense, to provide a MORE "Modern" scoped rifle hunting experience! To achieve matched "Vintage Marlin" rifle AND "Vintage Weaver" scope "Looks", I ALSO purchased a "Vintage Weaver" K4 mostly for "display" purposes....Feature No.2) Scope Adjustments: Once I worked-out a few minor bugs w/ "Scope Ring Alignment", the NEW Weaver K4 80th Ann. scope was an absolute "pleasure" to adjust and "Dial-In" out on the "range"!! Once I mastered "Scope Ring Alignment" w/ the proper combination of Weaver "Grand Slam" steel bases AND Warne brand "Weaver-tyle", quick-detach all STEEL scope rings, then "Bore Sighting" the Weaver K4 80th Ann. scope was a "Cinch"!! The steel "Scope Adj. Caps" unscrew and go-back-on easily, and actual scope adjustment mechanism is easily operated. Once I was "out-on-the-range", "Dialing-In" the NEW Weaver K4 80th Ann. scope was equally easy & pleasurable w/ the absolute MINIMUM of scope adjustment required to be shooting 265 Grn. "Hornadies" AND 300 Grn. Speer "Gold Dots" @ TOP velocities, nearly thru SAME hole in target paper, once the 80th Ann. Weaver was properly adjusted!! I haven't ACTUALLY hunted w/ my Weaver K4 80th Ann., Or tested it under conditions of extreme cold or other adversity, YET---Mainly because I have owned the WHOLE scope & rifle combination for such a relatively SHORT time thus far.... However, based on what I have experienced so far w/ just the NEW Weaver K4 Scope on a HEAVY recoil rifle, I DON't "Expect" to be disappointed in the least!! Maybe I can eventually write a "Follow-Up Review", once me & my "Antique" 444 Marlin & the NEW Weaver K4 80th Ann. scope ALL have a chance to get "BETTER aquainted", and create some memorable hunting experiences together...I didn't even mention the "Neat", nostalgic "Tin" storage box that the New Weaver K4 80th Ann. comes packaged in, along w/ a "Timex" watch, etc... In closing: The NEW Weaver K4 80th Ann. Rifle Scope is a TREMENDOUS "Value" for those persons who might actually be looking for a "modern", fixed-power, newly manufactured STEEL Tube rifle scope....That just happened to be my personal "preference", being MORE of a "traditionalist", and looking for something to "Go Well" w/ a NICE cond'n., classic or "Vintage", factory original old rifle....I managed to get "No. 218" of ONLY 1000 of these "HIGH Quality" Weaver scopes to be produced! Again, I am NOT a "Scope Expert", BUT I DON't imagine many "Steel Tube" rifle scopes are being produced today, even in the TOP name brands, and certainly NOT for the price, w/ "FREE Shipping", that the Optics Planet folks are offering this scope for @ this time!! Overall, I'm going to give the NEW Weaver K4 80th Anniversary rifle scope a "5-STAR, A+++ Rating", thus far---As well as my purchasing experience w/ the folks @ Optics Planet! Thanks for reading---RLR.

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