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Yukon NVRS Tactical 2.5x50mm Gen. 1 Night Vision Riflescope, Black 26014T is currently on sale with fast shipping. Plus your total satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase Yukon NVRS Tactical 2.5x50mm Gen. 1 Night Vision Riflescope, Black 26014T and other Night Vision by Yukon.

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Author: PASSTHEAMMO {!} , Avid Outdoorsman, from Longview Wa on Oct 28, 2011
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First off - I am prior military - and a sharpshooter. I have requested the return labels from Amazon to send this back. Time and effort trying to make this work has wasted days of my life. Focusing this thing at a hundred yards is POOR quality even in daylight mode. Installing it on a Savage .223 to fix a coyote problem. The Savage Axis/Edge needed a Picatinny military style mounting rail. There is only one made for this gun from EGW #41800 that bought through Amazon via Optics Planet I believe. Finally got the scope mounted and the bolt action slides back touching the scope lightly - put in spacers to clear without rubbing. Bore sighted at sporting goods store with the Bushnell laser boresighter kit. Was boresighted at 25 yards and these guys have always got my guns on paper at 25 and a hundred. This was 2 feet high at 50. Shot half a dozen shells in a light drizzle - cool humid day. 55-60 Degrees? Now on paper at 50. Reticle is visible when scope goes black. Can't see anything but the reticle in daylight. Check batteries - but why is the reticle working if the scope is not? Not batteries. Half hour of shutting it off - cleaning lenses thinking fogged up or moisture? Pinhole in daylight cap isn't plugged or have a water drop in it. ??? Later in night conditions - turn on night vision and IR - still nothing!! Great .... warranty issue. Next morning turn it on and look through it like nothing ever happened. Looks fine. Talk to Yukon reps in TX - they deduct that the "water resistant" rating is vague for this scope and that moisture must have gotten into the electronics of the scope and "kinda shorted it out" but the reticle electronics are stored in a different place on the scope. That could explain why I had the reticles and nothing else. They tell me to take it out and see if it happens again. ?? No drizzle weather this time. They will send me an e-mail the next day for the warranty process. I take it out to try and fine tune at 100 yards in a cloudy but "non-drizzle" and here is my biggest complaint - 2.5 magnification my fanny. At 100 yards - the target is bigger with the naked eye by 25% than in this scope. My Leupold 2-7 on the "2" is 2+ times bigger than this scope is. It is closer to a .75 power magnification. At 100 yards, the reticle covers an 8 inch target. That is 8 inches left-right and 8 inches up-down. Who can have a nail driver when cross-hairs cover the size of a basketball? I am an expert marksman and in a vise locked down can't hold a "group" of any pinpoint accuracy with this scope. If you turn the reticle brighter - you see two sets of reticles like double vision - Awesome..... this is "pick-a-reticle" mode? Faint reticle still has a low visual quality at 100 yards when "focused" and covers my 8 and 10 inch "Shoot-N-C" targets. This .223 holds a 1/4 inch group vised with a 3-9 leupold. It holds a "barn door" sized group with this Yukon scope. No - daddy isn't happy with this piece of junk. I get home and check my e-mail and have received the Yukon TX email. A return authorization # to have it looked at under warranty. Pay for shipping, print off labels and write up problems, insure the shipping package and include money order or check for $10 for the techs to "access" the scope - um...... NO. I am not paying for a new item to be looked at after I pay to ship it off with defective junk issues. Sending back where it was purchased expecting a full refund. Way to many problems and lack of quality design. An honest comparison is this - Take a beer bottle (green), grab a fat red felt tip marker and draw crosshairs on the bottom of the bottle, Duck Tape the bottle on your rifle so you can look through the top of the bottle at the bottom where your crosshairs are and don't forget to Duck Tape a mini-maglite under your barrel. Now get drunk until you keep struggling to focus your eyes. Turn on the flashlight and look through your new Yukon NVRS scope. You will be more accurate and better off with a Leupold and a Zippo.

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