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Yukon Viking Pro 2x24mm Night Vision Binoculars
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Oreo's Review of Yukon Viking Pro 2x24mm Night Vision Binoculars

I purchased a Yukon Viking Pro's 3/29/12. I understood these were Gen 1 binoculars and went into this purchase with an open mind and no real expectation other than being able to see stuff at night. On initial use I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with their performance. Now over 2 years of in the field use for hog hunting I have to say I am still happy with my purchase. Last night under a Waxing Gibbous Moon with 70% illumination I was able to quickly ID hogs out to 100/125yds w/o use of the IR Illuminator. Visual ability to see objects and movement was out to 200yds.

The built in IR Illuminator is simply amazing. The basic setting (flood) is OK, but when you switch to spot mode the beam is focused and intense allowing you to see into the shadows with pin point accuracy.

I have also used them in 100% blackout and the performance is not quite as good. While the flood setting would allow you to see wide field out to about 50-70yds the focused spot function extends the range to 100-125 yds.

Function is clean and simple. Three buttons power, IR on/off and IR setting.

The one thing that seems to trip users up is the independent focus system. With the Yukon Viking Pro binoculars you have a thumb focus lever for each eye. Then like normal binoculars you have a single focus dial for distance. Everybody that has picked these up have had a challenge using them at first but after a little explanation and use they love them. Basically I start out looking a something fairly close 10- 15yds, close one eye and adjust the level for open eye until it becomes focused then I close that eye and open the other to adjust focus. Once I have focused each eye independently you then can use focus dial for viewing at different distances. While some people would consider this a Con, I think of it as an advantage and it allows me to fine tune for each eye's ability or in my case limitations.

Battery life is great however as you would expect if you run 100% with IR Illuminator the battery life is shortened.

Over all I have to say these are hard to beat for the price!
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