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Zeiss Victory 8x45 T* RF Rangefinding Binoculars - Matte Black Finish
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Zeiss Victory 8x45 T RF Rangefinding Binoculars

by Legacy Reviewer, Verified Owner from United States, NE Written on January 16, 2013
What can you say.....there Zeiss. I have been using Zeiss, Leica and Swarovski for many years so I do have extensive experience with top tier optics. I had been using a pair of Leica 10x42 geovid rangefinder binoculars sinse they were first introduced. The Leica's are great optics with just a few exceptions that the Zeiss overcomes. Unlike the Leica whose set button requires left hand operation (unless you have 8" fingers) the Zeiss lets you use you right hand. This is especially helpful if you are a right handed bowhunter and you want to range as you stalk. The lower 8 power and wider angle is also helpful when bowhunting as well. The other feature I do like is the Zeiss ranges upon release of the set button. It really is much easier when looking at very distant object to get the target into the O and then release the button as opposed to the range on press systems that most rangefinders use. I had no trouble ranging a cow at 1200 yds freehand. I did get good returns on cars at 1400 yds consistently using a tripod. The only minor complaint is that when ranging a target in the snow on a bright day the readout is just a little dim. Placing your hand over the objective lens just after ranging does allow you see the readout however. I cannot comment on the BIS (Ballistic information system) as all my rifles have muzzle velocities too fast for the BIS. I did not purchase these optics with intention of using this system anyways so I am not disappointed. As with all the Zeiss optic...
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