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Revision Eyewear Sawfly Sunglasses Deluxe Kit with Re-Vision Sawfly Clear, High-Contrast and Solar Lens is proven to be the top performing impact eyewear available. Eyewear Saw Fly High-Contrast, Solar and Clear military sunglasses lens are to use indoors or at night for Revision Eye Wear Clear Lens to maximize light transmittance, Re-Vision Solar Military Sunglasses Lens are to use outdoors in bright conditions to reduce extreme glare and squinting, and Revision Military Eyewear High-Contrast Sawfly Lenses are to use during dull, cloudy, or hazy conditions, because High-Contrast Saw-Fly Revision military sunglasses lenses provide crisp definition in low-light conditions. Revision Sawfly Eye Wear Deluxe Kit for SawFly Revision military sun glasses has a very lightweight design and weighs only 1 ounce (28.8 grams). This Re Vision Sawfly Eyewear sun glasses has Clear, High-Contrast and Solar Revision Eye Wear lenses, but you always have a choice to order Eyewear Revision Sawfly lens: Regular or Large separately or in one of the Revision Sawfly Eyewear kits - Eyewear Saw Fly Revision Polarized Deluxe kit - Eyewear Revision Sawfly Essential kit. Saw Fly Eyewear Revision is RX prescription ready and optional RX Carrier is available. Eyewear Revision Saw Fly Deluxe ballistic sun glasses kit is resilient, because lenses made of indestructible, optical grade polycarbonate. Lenses of Revision Eyewear deluxe kit can be interchanged quickly for various light conditions.

Revision Eyewear made Saw Fly military sunglasses out of scratch-resistant coating on both sides of shield and Sawfly Eye Wear shield resists wide variety of chemicals, including deet.

Arm length of military Eyewear kit adjusts for precise fit under helmet, Eye-Wear Revision Sawfly deluxe solar, high contrast and clear kit has also an adjustable head strap for optimal security.

All of Revision Eyewear Sunglasses offer 100% protection from harmful UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays.

Sawfly Eyewear military kit offers extreme protection certified to ANSI Z87.1-2003 Standard for extreme conditions.

High velocity impact performance of Sawfly Revision lens is 6-times greater than required by ANSI Z87.1 extreme conditions standard.

Revision Eyewear Sawfly sun glasses meet U.S. military eyewear ballistic impact resistance requirements (MIL-PRF-31013 clause (MIL-V-43511 clause 3.5.10).

During the shotgun blast test Eyewear Sawfly Revision Military Sun Glasses showed that Revision Saw Fly Ballistic Eyewear is tough enough to withstand a shotgun blast from 16 feet!!! Saw Fly Re-Vision Eyewear sunglasses deluxe military kit is designed for fit, function and comfort. And Eyewear Revision Sawfly Deluxe kit comes in a protective case to keep system pieces together. Revision Sawfly Eyewear ballistic sun glasses deluxe kit has unmatched level of protection and this Sawfly Eyewear deluxe kit with Revision military sunglasses lenses is specifically designed by Revision Eyewear for the military. The curved Re Vision Sawfly shield provides for military sunglasses Revision Eye Wear spectacles an unrestricted field of view and maximum ventilation, while the adjustable arms and head strap of Eyewear Revision sunglasses high-contrast, solar and clear kit ensure a perfect fit, every time.

Revision Eyewear tells that correct size assures fit, comfort and optical performance of your Revision Eye-Wear military spectacles Deluxe kit. You are looking at regular Sawfly Eyewear balistic high-contrast, solar and clear sunglasses with the US Army Authorized Eyewear Number 4240-01-527-4018; but Revision Saw-Fly military sun glasses also come in large size with the US Army Authorized Eyewear Number 4240-01-527-4051. You can always get a special Revision Eyewear Anti-Fog and Anti-Static Cleaning Spray for Revision Eyewear Gear (10 Pack) w/ Free S&H.

Revision Sunglass Sizes
Regular Sawfly Fits Hat Size Up To 7.5
Large Sawfly Hat Size Greater Than 7.5

Other models of Revision Eyewear Sawfly Sunglasses Kits available:

  • Revision Saw Fly Deluxe High-Contrast, Solar and Clear Kit, Large
  • Revision Eye Wear Sawfly High-Impact Polarized Deluxe Kit
  • Revision Sawfly Eyewear Essential Kit
  • Revision Eye Wear Basic Solar Kit
  • Revision Sawfly Military Basic High-Contrast Kit
  • Revision Ballistic Sawfly Basic Clear Kit

    Revision Eyewear Sawfly Sunglasses are also available in RX prescription:

    The following options of Revision Eyewear Sawfly Deluxe Kit are available:

    • 400760201: Revision Eye Wear Saw Fly Sunglasses in Revision Sawfly Deluxe Kit Regular, Black
    • 400760251: Revision Sawfly Military Sunglasses Deluxe Kit Regular, Foliage Green
    • 400760231: Revision Sawfly Military Sunglasses Deluxe Kit Regular, Tan

    Features of Revision Eyewear Sawfly Military Sunglasses High-Contrast, Clear and Solar Deluxe Kit, Regular

    • Correct size assures fit, comfort and optical performance
    • Maximizes light transmittance
    • Reduces extreme glare and squinting
    • Protective case keeps system pieces together
    • Weighs only 1 ounce (28.8 grams)
    • Lenses made of indestructible, optical grade polycarbonate
    • Lenses can be interchanged quickly for various light conditions
    • Lens shields lock securely and easily into the frame
    • Lens shields lock securely and easily into the frame
    • Soft-grip rubber tips keep the eyewear firmly in place
    • Resists wide variety of chemicals, including DEET
    • 100% protection from harmful UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays

    Package Contents:

    • Revision Sawfly Eyewear Military Sunglasses Solar Lenses
    • Revision Eyewear Ballistic Sun Glasses Clear Lenses
    • Microfiber Pouch
    • Case with belt clip
    • Frame with arms
    • Solar shield
    • Head Strap