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Gather your juice on the go with Ripa Batteries. These solar battery packs are compact and light, and are fully compatible with whatever personal electronics you're toting - be it the iPad or the latest iPhone, the Galaxy S II or SIII or the Galaxy Note. Ripa Solar Powered Batteries feature integral solar panels that let them recharge from the sun - no plugs or wires required. When the battery is fully juiced up, simply plug your iPhone into the Ripa battery pack and watch the battery charge indicator rise! (Or better yet, come back in an hour or two and find it at 100%.) No more panicking when you can't find an outlet for your dying Android phone; no more scrambling to make sure your shiney new iPhone 5 is 100% charged before you head into the outdoors; no more watching the battery level on your smartphone drop toward zero while you're unable to do anything about it. With a RIPA Charger, the sun is your outlet. Fire up your iPad with solar power - plug it into a RIPA Solar Battery!