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Rite in the Rain Notebooks, journals, field books and notepads all feature Rite in the Rain Paper, a wood-based, fully-recycleable paper that is totally waterproof! You can submerge these remarkable notebooks and bound books in water and still write on them - and your notes will come out looking just as clear as if you'd written them on dry land. Say goodbye to sodden notes and illegible field data - office supplies on Rite in the Rain Paper ensure that your notes will make it home intact every time, even when the weather's not cooperating. Rite in the Rain Notebooks are made with many user groups in mind, including tactical, military and police; public safety, firefighters, EMS and first responders; construction, architecture, and engineering; agriculture and logging; and hunting, recreational, camping and general outdoors use. Rite in the Rain notebooks are especially tailored for tactical users; many include pre-printed forms for common military and EMS operations. Rite in the Rain Books and Paper are not just useful to those who work in the outdoors - they're respectful of the outdoors, too. Rite in the Rain paper comes from FSC Certified sources, is not coated with synthetics or polymers, and it can be recycled just like ordinary paper. The manufacturing process is designed for minimal impact on the environment, and the coating process that gives Rite in the Rain Paper its remarkable properties emits only steam. Rite in the Rain Journals, Field Books and more - outdoor writing products for outdoor-writing people!

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