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OPMOD APT All-Purpose Tripod OPMOD APT All-Purpose Tripod

enough to be stable in the wind, the OPMOD APT Indoor/Outdoor Tripod is a compact folding tripod, available ... Whether you're aiming a camera or a spotting scope, the OPMOD APT (All Purpose Tripod) Limited ... the OPMOD Tripod w/Quick-Detach Camera Mount features a locking center column with geared extension ... or scope off the tripod in a hurry. Like all OPMOD gear, it's made for the outdoors and built ... to the specifications of our very own product experts. Whether you need an affordable camera tripod ... or a way to steady the view through your binoculars, the solution is the OPMOD APT Tripod w/4-Section ... Legs! OPMOD DS-690: Limited Edition Exclusive Tripod for Photography & Observation...


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