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Suunto Core Watch w/ Altimeter and Compass Suunto Core Watch w/ Altimeter and Compass

The Suunto Core Digital Compass Outdoor Watch comes in a range of stylish design options and is the only training partner you need. Building on the success of the venerable Suunto Vector Watch, the Suunto Core Altimeter Watch keeps you informed with several useful tools, including a compass, altimeter, barometer, digital thermometer, Weather Trend Indicator. This Suunto Watch has a rotating bezel compass for traditional use, or a one-touch function that allows you to sight, lock and follow a bearing. Daily functions include dual time, date, alarm, sports chronograph and predicted times for sunrise and sunset. The Suunto Core Digital Watch w/ Altimeter and Compass has several intelligent features that can help you make consistently good decisions, such as the Storm Alarm. You look up and see stars, but your watch sees an approaching squall, and thanks to Storm Alarm, it lets you know. The barometer / altimeter pressure gauge that Suunto has installed in the Core operates in four distinct modes, including an automatic setting that senses your movement or lack thereof, switching between altimeter and barometer accordingly. The Suunto Core Compass Watch provides scrolling lap times, and has an operating temperature of -20°C to +60°C (-5°F to +140°F). Suunto SS018809000: Core Yellow Crush Watch Suunto SS019163000: Suunto Core Green Crush, Green Suunto SS018731000: Core Blue Crush Watch Suunto SS018810000: Core Red Crush Watch Suunto SS020344000: Core Altimeter Watch - Dusk Gray Suunto SS019167000: Suunto Core Violet Crush, Violet Suunto SS018734000: Core ALU Deep Black Watch Suunto SS018735000: Core ALU Pure White Watch Suunto SS020339000: Core Altimeter Watch - Brushed Steel Sapphire Crystal Specifications for Suunto Core Compass Watch: Temperature compensation: Yes Total Ascent Descent: Yes Resolution: 1m Altitude range: -500m - 9000m/-1600ft - 29500ft Logbook function: Yes Stopwatch: Yes Scrolling of lap times: Yes Max number of split times in memory: 10 Interval trainer: Yes Operating temperature: -20°C - +60°C/-5°F - +140°F Water resistance: 30m/100ft Storage temperature: -30°C - +60°C/-22°F - +140°F Selectable metric/imperial units: Yes Menu-based user interface: Yes Backlight type: Electro-luminescent Display Low battery warning: Yes User replaceable battery: Yes Calendar clock: Yes Daily alarms: 1 Absolute barometric pressure: Yes Temperature resolution: 1°C/1°F Temperature: Yes Barometer resolution 0,05 in Hg/1 mbar: Yes Barometer range 8,9 -32,4 inHg/300-1100 mbar: Yes Features of Suunto Core OutDoor Sport Watch: Altitude log Menu in English, German, French and Spanish Button lock Quick exit button Multiple watch, date and alarm functions User replaceable battery Semi-automatic compass calibration Altimeter: Difference Measurement / Start from 0, Logbook, Automatic Mode Barometer: Storm Alarm, Weather Trend Indicator, Weather Graph Compass: Rotating Bezel, Digital Bearing, Easy Calibration Depth Measurement: Maximum Depth 10 m Watch: Sunrise/Sunset Time, Dual Time, Countdown Other: Button Lock, 4 Language Menu Package Contents: Suunto Core Outdoors Watch...

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Suunto Vector Watch with Electronic Compass Altimeter Barometer Suunto Vector Watch with Electronic Compass Altimeter Barometer

Suunto Vector Watch Altimeter Compass Barometer is still the most legendary of all the Suunto ... : The digital compass of Suunto Vector guides you with cardinal or half-cardinal points ... Watch with Compass, Altimeter, Barometer: SS012279110: Suunto Vector Watch With Compass - XBlack ... SS010600610: Suunto Vector Outdoor Watch With Compass - Yellow SS010600110: Suunto Vector Outdoor ... Watches With Compass - Black Suunto SS011516400: Vector Red Watch Suunto SS018730000: Vector HR Dark ... calendar, and three daily alarms Water resistant to 30 m (100 ft) Package Contents: Suunto Vector Watch Altimeter Barometer Compass User replaceable battery ... the unique Suunto Vector Watch has withstood the test of time. This Suunto watch series is equipped...

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Suunto Elementum Terra Outdoor Watch w/ Altimeter, Compass, Barometer Suunto Elementum Terra Outdoor Watch w/ Altimeter, Compass, Barometer

compass on these Suunto Elementum watches features tilt compensation, which stabilizes the readings ... Suunto Elementum Terra Watches are built from the ground up for survival in the toughest ... conditions. These feature-packed Suunto watches have all the key components that wilderness enthusiasts rely ... Included in these state of the art timepieces are a barometer, an altimeter, and a 3D digital compass ... Terra Survival Watch. The Suunto Elementum Terra is highly useful, but it is also built to last through ... National Park or walking to work, the Suunto Elementum Terra Altimeter Watch is a great way to take ... command of your environment. SS014522000: Suunto Terra Watch, Rubber Band, Dark Face Suunto...

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Suunto AMBIT2 R HR Watch with Heart Rate Comfort Belt Suunto AMBIT2 R HR Watch with Heart Rate Comfort Belt

With the Suunto Ambit2 HR Athlete's Watch you can stay ahead of the game with GPS, weather ... tracking, barometers, and a heart rate monitor. The Suunto Ambit2 HR Watch is the GPS for explorers ... with GPS, Suunto Ambit2 HR Water Resistant Watch is ready for any adventure. Suunto SS020658000: ... AMBIT2 R HR Watch with Heart Rate Comfort Belt, White, One Size Suunto SS020655000: AMBIT2 R HR Watch ... with Heart Rate Comfort Belt, Black, One Size Specifications for SUUNTO AMBIT2 HR Watch ... hPa / 0,03 inHg Temperature Resolution: 1°C/1°F Features of Suunto Ambit2 Watch w/ ... Temperature Package Contents: Suunto AMBIT2 R HR Watch with Heart Rate Comfort Belt...

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Suunto Vector HR Heart Rate Monitor and Altimeter Watch Suunto Vector HR Heart Rate Monitor and Altimeter Watch

electronic compass, and heart rate monitor, this Suunto heart rate watch gives you the information you need ... a bearing of your choosing, and your Suunto Vector HR Compass Watch helps you get around in unknown ... Suunto battery fits your diving watch? Got questions about Suunto parts, watches, compasses ... Suunto Vector HR Heart Rate Monitor Watch and Altimeter is custom made for heart rate monitoring ... to make responsible decisions in the great, vertical outdoors. The Suunto Vector HR Watch includes ... Altimeter: The Suunto altimeter watch features a range up to 9,000 m / 29,500 ft, putting all 14 ... the Suunto Vector HR Barometer Watch also shows the present sea level pressure, making it easier for you...

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Suunto Ambit Barometer/Thermometer Outdoor Adventure Watch Suunto Ambit Barometer/Thermometer Outdoor Adventure Watch

The Suunto Ambit Watch is the only device you will ever need to be an outdoor explorer. Durability and precision are the essence. Advanced features suit both on and off-season activities for the hardcore explorer. The Suunto Ambit Exploring Watch Package includes Suunto Ambit Watch, USB power cable, and Quick Guide. There are several specialized outdoor functions this gadget can do as well including a full-featured GPS with Waypoint navigation and a unique 3D compass. No longer will you get lost. It also features an accurate barometric altitude reading, a barometer, and a thermometer. These features make the Suunto Ambit Outdoor Watch Pack the first item on the list of things to bring for any outdoor activity. This device will also help you with your training. With a heart rate monitor and the ability to plan and analyse your movement, the watch outranks any watch you've had before. Hurry now and get yours! Suunto SS018374000: Ambit Black Watch Specifications for Suunto Ambit Watch: Altitude Range: 1600ft-29500ft (500m-9000m) Recording Intervals: 1s, 10s Resolution: 1m Operating Temperature: -5degreesF-140degreesF (-20degreesC-60degreesC) Storage Temperature: 22degreesF-140degreesF (-30degreesC-60degreesC) Weight: 2.75oz (78g) Features of Suunto Heart Rate Monitor: Automatic Alti/Baro Switch Real-Time Vertical Cumulative Value Total Ascent Descent Vertical Speed Temperature Compensation Laps (Manual and Automatic) 3D Digital Compass Cardinal Directions Declination Setting guided Calibration Heading in Degrees North-South Indicator GPS ANT-Digital Coded Heart Rate Signal Average Heart Rate in Real Time Calorie Count in Real Time Backlight Option for Night Use LED Backlight Type Dot-Matrix Display Menu-Based User Display Mineral Crystal Glass User Replacement Straps Water Resistant Logbook Battery Power Indicator Low Battery Warning Rechargeable Battery Button Lock Compatible W/ PODs Cutomizable Display 3 Different Languages Alarm Snooze Calendar Clock Daily Alarms Dual Time Seal Level Pressure Temperature Trend Graph Package Contents: Suunto Ambit Heart Rate Monitor...

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Suunto D6 Diver Watch Compass w/ 3 Operating Modes Suunto D6 Diver Watch Compass w/ 3 Operating Modes

a stylish watch on land and a trusted companion underwater. Suunto incorporates their unique digital ... compass into the Suunto D6 Dive Watch to shows divers the direction in which they are heading both ... and graphic compass rose. With the Suunto D 6 Watch, you will be able to find the depth, time ... time and a stopwatch which can be reset. Available options of Suunto D6 Diver Watch Compass ... watch page. Specifications for Suunto D-6 Dive Compass Watch: Weight: 113 g Operating ... D6 Dive Computer Watch: 4 operating modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge, Time Digital compass Lifetime ... Integrated digital compass Extensive memory functions Adjustable Suunto RGBM model Audible alarms...

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Suunto D9tx Diver's Watch with Transmitter and USB Suunto D9tx Diver's Watch with Transmitter and USB

This stunning Suunto D9TX Watch is the perfect addition to your home. Just like any other Suunto ... watch, you know you are getting more than just any watch. The Suunto D9TX Sport Watch comes complete ... to gas-switch between up to eight gases. There is a 3D tilt-compensated digital compass as well ... Elastomer Watch with USB Suunto SS016915000: D9tx Titanium Watch with USB Suunto SS016826000: D9tx ... Elastomer Watch with Transmitter and USB Suunto SS016914000: D9tx Titanium Watch with Transmitter and USB ... The Suunto D9TX Timepiece is a must-have. No need to wait; get yours now! Suunto SS016916000: D9tx...

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Suunto D6i Diving Watch with Transmitter and USB Suunto D6i Diving Watch with Transmitter and USB

right on your computer. The Suunto D6I Diving Watch has integrated tilt-compensated 3D digital compass ... The Suunto D6I Watch is a light-weight, bold, and sleek watch that everyone should have. ... get one. Get your Suunto D6I Wrist Watch right now! Suunto SS018402000: D6i Black Watch Suunto ... SS018744000: D6i White Watch with USB Suunto SS018543000: D6i All-Black Watch with USB Suunto ... SS018400000: D6i Steel Watch with USB Suunto SS018401000: D6i Watch with Transmitter Suunto SS018743000: D6i ... White Watch with Transmitter and USB Suunto SS018542000: D6i All-Black Watch with Transmitter and USB ... Suunto SS018399000: D6i Steel Watch with Transmitter and USB Specifications for Suunto D6i Watch...

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