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Brunton Nomad G3 Digital Compass Brunton Nomad G3 Digital Compass

F-NOMADG3-PRO: Nomad G3 Digital Compass Specifications for Brunton Handheld Nomad G3 Pro Compass ... Nomad Location Device: Backlit digital display Declination adjustable Forward bearing compass reads ... The ultimate in weather prediction and digital navigation, the Brunton Nomad G3 Pro Digital ... Navigation Device F-NOMADG3-PRO delivers temperature, altitude, and barometric pressure, plus compass ... bearing, daily alarms and exercise pacers. This compass from Brunton allows you to make the most ... 1 CR2032 battery included Wrist/neck lanyard Package Contents: Brunton Nomad G3 Pro Digital Navigation Device F-NOMADG3-PRO Lanyard...


Celestron TrekGuide Outdoor Hiking Digital Compass Celestron TrekGuide Outdoor Hiking Digital Compass

without getting lost. The TrekGuide from Celestron features digital compass, built-in altimeter, ... or 2.5 oz Features of Celestron Trek-Guide Digital Hiking Compass: Digital Compass with headings ... Resistant Package Contents: Celestron TrekGuide Outdoor Hiking Digital Compass 2 CR2032 Lithium Batteries Lanyard ... Celestron Hiking Compass Trek Guide 48001, 48002, 48003 lets you be as adventurous as you please ... Trek Guide is a simple, durable compass device that keeps you going in the right direction, even ... the outdoors. Hiking compass devices are built for exceptionally accurate readings to help you keep your ... Green Specifications for Celestron Hiking Trek Guide Compass: Temperature measuring range:...


No Image Available Konus NORTH-6 Digital Weather Station

Station. Konus 4506: NORTH-6 Digital Weather Station w/Altimeter/thermometer/Compass Package Contents: Konus NORTH-6 Digital Weather Station ... The Konus NORTH-6 Digital Weather Station was designed to be the best approach to be sure you ... remain on the straight and narrow path. The best compass is an excellent means to be sure that you ... constantly recognize which direction you are heading, and thanks to the Konus NORTH-6 Digital Weather ... Station, there has never been an improved chance to obtain an exceptional compass. These Compasses from ... from this popular supplier. Konus has been generating premium quality compasses for a long time, ... and the Konus NORTH-6 Digital Weather Station is the evidence of their unyielding endeavors to be sure...


No Image Available Outdoor Products Digital Compass

Well suited for almost any one, the Outdoor Products Digital Compass was designed to keep you going ... direction you are going, and due to the Outdoor Products Digital Compass, there has never been ... Products Digital Compass is the proof of their continual campaigns to ensure that you have got the best gear probable. For anyone in need of a superior quality way to make certain they understand the direction they are headed in, purchase the Outdoor Products Digital Compass. Outdoor Products CAC001WMZZZOP: Digital Compass Package Contents: Outdoor Products Digital Compass CAC001WMZZZOP ... in the right path. An efficient compass is an excellent means to make certain you always know which ... an improved time to get a hold of a superior quality compass. These Compasses from Outdoor Products ... organization. Outdoor Products has been generating high quality compasses for a number of years, and the Outdoor...


Stansport Lensatic Compass Stansport Lensatic Compass

direction digits and needle for exact bearing. Package Contents: Stansport Lensatic Compass ... Created to be great for any outdoor venture, the Stansport Lensatic Compass will ensure you always ... know how to return to camp. The Stansport Lensatic Compass is made with large luminous direction ... digits and needle for exact bearing. Should you be looking for the ideal solution to keep your ... bearings, select the Stansport Lensatic Compass. Stansport 550-P: Lensatic Compass - Plastic Stansport ... 555-P: Lensatic Compass - Liquid Stansport 552-P: Lensatic Compass - Metal Features of Stansport ... Lensatic Compass: Hairline guide wire in lid for precision aiming on land or sea. Large luminous...

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Stansport Lensatic Marching Compass-Liquid Stansport Lensatic Marching Compass-Liquid

Compass-Liquid: Durable metal O.D. case. Liquid filled. Floating luminous direction digits ... Made to work well for any outdoor adventure, the Stansport Lensatic Marching Compass ... Compass-Liquid is made with a hairline guide wire that is hidden in the lid for precision aiming on land ... Compass-Liquid. Stansport 555-S: Lensatic Marching Compass-Liquid Features of Stansport Lensatic Marching ... and needle for exact bearing. Hairline guide wire in lid for precision aiming on land or sea. Package Contents: Stansport Lensatic Marching Compass-Liquid...


Suunto Core Watch w/ Altimeter and Compass Suunto Core Watch w/ Altimeter and Compass

The Suunto Core Digital Compass Outdoor Watch comes in a range of stylish design options ... for sunrise and sunset. The Suunto Core Digital Watch w/ Altimeter and Compass has several intelligent ... the Suunto Core Altimeter Watch keeps you informed with several useful tools, including a compass ... , altimeter, barometer, digital thermometer, Weather Trend Indicator. This Suunto Watch has a rotating ... bezel compass for traditional use, or a one-touch function that allows you to sight, lock and follow ... between altimeter and barometer accordingly. The Suunto Core Compass Watch provides scrolling lap times, ... SS018810000: Core Red Crush Watch Suunto SS020692000: Core Watch w/ Altimeter and Compass, Coral Red...

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Suunto D6 Diver Watch Compass w/ 3 Operating Modes Suunto D6 Diver Watch Compass w/ 3 Operating Modes

Suunto D6 Diver Watch gives all divers, from beginners to advanced underwater explorers, the freedom to enjoy their underwater surroundings by providing them with the information they need to maximize their safety. Made from stainless steel, this Suunto dive computer has been designed to be both a stylish watch on land and a trusted companion underwater. Suunto incorporates their unique digital compass into the Suunto D6 Dive Watch to shows divers the direction in which they are heading both graphically and numerically.This diving watch by Suunto includes a stopwatch, guided calibration and graphic compass rose. With the Suunto D 6 Watch, you will be able to find the depth, time and directional information you may need that's visible on your diving watch. Suunto Diving Watches also records and stores your data for later analysis. The Suunto D6 Elastomer has three modes: Air, Nitrox, and Gauge. Divers can choose between making traditional shallow safety stops or, with the deep stops function activated, making safety stops at depth. The log book memory and graphical dive profile give real time water temperature, which can be seen on the wristop computer display. The Suunto D6 Wristop Dive Computer can store over 100 hours of profile memory. The dive history shows the total number of dives and how many hours of dives the computer has logged. The dive planner enables repetitive dive planning. Watch functions include stopwatch, dual time, alarm clock and the use of the compass. After the dive, the dive profile can be downloaded to a PC for further analysis with the help of Suunto Dive Manager 2 software. Suunto D6 Scuba Computer Watches come complete with an advanced gas-switching feature. In Nitrox mode, divers have the choice of using two different gas mixes, which are preset before the dive. The nitrox computer lets you choose from 21-100% oxygen content, with the ability to change the partial pressure of oxygen for each mix. During the dive, if you are within the allowable safety factor (maximum operating depth), you can switch to the second gas. Gauge mode can be used either for freediving or technical diving. With freediving, the sampling rate for the dive log book can be set to one second intervals. When diving in this mode, there is a dual display of dive time and a stopwatch which can be reset. Available options of Suunto D6 Diver Watch Compass: SS011974300: Suunto D6 SCUBA Diving Watch w/ Elastomer Strap SS012040300: Suunto D6 Scuba Diver Watch with Metallic Braclet In addition to Suunto D-6 Waterproof Watches, we carry a full line of Suunto Dive Computer Watches as well as other product offerings from Suunto. We also carry a full line of Suunto Watch Accessories to help meet your diving needs. For more brand name Watches, please visit our watch page. Specifications for Suunto D-6 Dive Compass Watch: Weight: 113 g Operating temperature: 0°C - +40°C/32°F - +104°F Water resistance: 150m/492ft Storage temperature: -20°C - +50°C/-4°F - +122°F Selectable metric/imperial units: Yes Mineral crystal glass: Yes Menu-based user interface: Yes Dot-matrix display: Yes Backlight type: Electro-luminescent Display Adjustable backlight duration: Yes Chronograph / Stopwatch: Yes PC Software: Suunto Dive Manager Battery power indicator: Yes Low battery warning: Yes Compass Graphic compass rose: Yes Guided calibration: Yes Heading in degrees: Yes Declination setting: Yes Cardinal directions: Yes Bearing tracking: Yes Diving Log book memory: Yes Personal adjustement: Yes Suunto RGBM decompression model: Yes Safety stop: Yes Temperature display: Yes Deep Stops: Yes Dive time in seconds: in gauge mode Operation mode Nitrox: Yes Profile sampling rates in seconds: 1,10,20,30,60s Dive planner: Yes Operation mode Watch: Yes Operation mode Gauge: Yes Altitude adjustment: Yes Consumed bottom time graph: Yes Ascent rate monitor/alarm: Yes Ascent time display: Up to 99 min Audible alarm: Yes Compass: Yes Full decompression data: Yes Lifetime history memory: Yes Maximum depth alarm: Yes Maximum depth display: 150 m (492 ft) Operation mode Air: Yes Nitrox Mode CNS% + OTU calculation (OLF): Yes Gas switching during dive: Yes Max PO2 adjustment: 0.5-1.6 O2 % setting: Up to 2 gases containing 21-99% Watch 12/24h: Yes Calendar clock: Yes Dual time: Yes Daily alarms: 1 Features of Suunto D6 Dive Computer Watch: 4 operating modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge, Time Digital compass Lifetime history memory Dive planner Calendar clock Personal adjustment Metallic bracelet or black wrist strap Gas switching (2 mixes 21-99%) Complete decompression stop data Multi-step ascent rate indicator Integrated digital compass Extensive memory functions Adjustable Suunto RGBM model Audible alarms (including maximum depth alarm) Optional PC-interface Package Contents: Suunto D6 Dive Watch...

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Suunto Orca / Pioneer Small Boat Compass Suunto Orca / Pioneer Small Boat Compass

a full line of Suunto digital compasses as well as other product offerings from Suunto. Suunto offers ... Suunto Orca-Pioneer Marine Compass is a compact compass for kayaks, canoes and small boats. ... This Suunto compass has several mounting possibilities, making it ideal for numerous situations. Two ... alternative mounting systems are included with the Suunto Orca-Pioneer Boat Compass, including a rubber ... mounting. This boating compass from Suunto is buoyant, with a waterproof elastic elastomer housing ... to defend against bumps and scrapes. The luminous card of the Suunto Orca Pioneer Boating Compass can ... and stylish rugged design of Suunto Orca-Pioneer Nautical Compass have established a strong position...


Vivitar Multi-Functional Digital Compass Altimeter Vivitar Multi-Functional Digital Compass Altimeter

The Vivitar Multi-Function Digital Thermometer, Compass, Clock and Stop Watch is the ideal ... choose the Vivitar Multi-Function Watch. Vivitar VIV-DC-40: Multi-Functional Digital Compass ... Altimeter, Silver, Small Vivitar VIV-DC-60: Multi-Functional Digital Compass Altimeter, Silver, Small ... Package Contents: Vivitar Multi-Functional Digital Compass Altimeter ... companion for outdoor enthusiasts looking to get a little extreme. This Compass from Vivitar displays all...

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