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Eberlestock J107M Dragonfly Military Backpack Eberlestock J107M Dragonfly Military Backpack

with the for military users and has a few differences from its civilian and hunting-minded brother. Though ... larger and wider than the Eberlestock J107H Hunting DragonFly, allowing you to carry sniper rifles ... with large rifle scopes and other long guns. The scabbard tucks up into the bottom of the backpack...

Starts at $369.99

Eberlestock F4 Terminator Backpack Eberlestock F4 Terminator Backpack

of carrying any man-portable weapon, including high-powered sniper rifles with large rifle scopes. While ... pouches on the front door, plus two long side pouches for tripods, spotting scopes, hydration systems,...

Starts at $429.00

Eberlestock X1A1 Tactical Hunting Pack - Unicam Eberlestock X1A1 Tactical Hunting Pack - Unicam

new High Tech Shooter's Harness that has proven to be more comfortable under a heavy load than ... minimal interference with firing a weapon. Eberlestock X1A1MU: X1A1 Hunting Pack, Unicam ... side High tech Shooter's Harness Package Contents: Eberlestock X1A1M Back Pack - Unicam X1A1MU...


Eberlestock X2 Backpack Eberlestock X2 Backpack

padded wing pockets are great for spotting scopes and tripods. The upper compartment buckles down over ... else you can tie down. Not only is the Eberlestock X2 Hunting Pack extremely useful, it's also ... the bulky game or equipment you've lashed to the back of the X2, and the hunting accessory features ... The FlexChassis on the bottom of the Eberlestock X2 Hunting Backpack can support the bottom of your pack or, ... Brush (X2HB), or MultiCam (X2MM) Features of Eberlestock X2 Hunting Day Pack: Lightweight, easy...

Starts at $189.00

Eberlestock X1E Euro Backpack in Hide Open Rock Veil Eberlestock X1E Euro Backpack in Hide Open Rock Veil

lightweight backpack, the Eberlestock X1E Euro Hunting Pack is an ideal carrying bag no matter what ... side of the ocean you're hunting on. Eberlestock X1EHP: X1E European Hunting Pack, Hide Open Western ... Slope Eberlestock X1EHT: X1E European Hunting Pack, Hide Open Timber Veil Eberlestock X1EHL: X1E ... Eberlestock X1E European Backpack X1EHK was designed with the rifle hunter in mind. Though ... a pack designed specifically for rifles. The Eberlestock X1E features an extra-deep integrated scabbard ... that can accommodate the longest of sniper rifles, even those with high profile rifle scopes. Using ... the scabbard, you can even draw weapons from the holster without ever removing the X1E...


Eberlestock X1A1 Backpack Eberlestock X1A1 Backpack

Eberlestock X1A1 Backpack is one of the best hunting day packs on the market. While many backpacks ... of the X1A1 is deep enough for the longest rifles, even those with high profile rifle scopes ... of your pack. With your bow or rifle mounted on the Eberlestock X1A1 Hunting Pack, you can have ... X1A1 was designed with the mobile hunter in mind, someone who wants to move around their hunting ... of different heights, and it has been designed to be thinner and more comfortable than other non-hunting ... plenty of storage for any hunting excursion, Eberlestock has also included plenty of PALS and MOLLE ... pouches for ammunition, optics, and other accessories. This is a great hunting accessory for women...


Eberlestock M5 Team Rocky Mountain Elk Back Pack Eberlestock M5 Team Rocky Mountain Elk Back Pack

Camouflage Backpack has been created to be one of the best all-around hunting packs ever created, ... to appeal not just to RMEF members but to all hunters, coast-to-coast and around the world. This Hunting ... Pack hits the sweet spot in hunting pack size. This Eberlestock Back Pack serves well as a day pack ... with a design that is quiet and comfortable for all-day hunting and rugged for end-of-day game hauling. Part ... Team Elk and help to further the cause of one of the greatest hunting-oriented conservation groups ... Team Elk Pack Hunting Bag: fold-away rifle scabbard built-in bow carrier Intex tubular aluminum ... Azip-and-flip covers to the scabbard and bow carrier Dual full-depth spotting scope and hydration pockets...


Tenzing TZ 6000 Pack Tenzing TZ 6000 Pack

much faster you want to go. This bird pack by Tenzing is the ultimate in long-range hunting gear. ... to go further, hunt longer and still carry out the rewards of a successful trip. The Tenzing TZ 6000 ... Pack w/ Multiple Pockets & Straps is just the pack you want along on the hunt. Tenzing 962672: ... Detachable fanny pack/lid Foldout bow and gun carrying boot Foldout rain cover H2O compatible (3-liter) ... Twenty total compartments and pockets Two expanding side compartments for scope or tripod Triple...

Starts at $259.99

Condor Compact Assault Pack Condor Compact Assault Pack

to aquire the best optics, Tactical gear, hunting equipment, and just plain cool stuff - so we can sell ... high-tech gear! If you want to buy the Condor Compact Assault Pack - you should get it from us! Total...

Starts at $49.95

Tenzing TC SP14 Shooters Pack Tenzing TC SP14 Shooters Pack

This backpack by the experts at Tenzing transforms from a pack designed to securely carry a scoped rifle ... The Tenzing TC SP14 Hunting Shooters Pack is equipped to also carry a crossbow with its deep center ... Shooters Pack: Breathable mesh back pad Padded hip panels H2O compatible (3 liter) 9 total ... minimum 28 inches - maximum 54 inches Package Contents: Tenzing TC SP14 Hunting Shooters Pack...


Eberlestock GS05M Gunslinger Backpack Eberlestock GS05M Gunslinger Backpack

This Eberlestock hunting accessory is equipped with an integrated Backscabbard holster that can totally enclose ... most rifles, even long-barreled sniper rifles with rifle scopes. These weapons are instantly ... of combat or hunting environments. Despite the vast amount of carrying space available with the backpack,...


Tenzing TZ 5000 Hunters Back Pack Tenzing TZ 5000 Hunters Back Pack

The Tenzing TZ 5000 Hunting Back Pack allows you to carry in and carry out incredible loads ... for a scope or tripod and features triple entry from the top, face and bottom. This Tenzing Equipment Bag ... a successful outdoor trip, choose Tenzing Hunting TZ5000 Gear Back Pack. Tenzing 962401: TZ 5000 ... Pack, M/L - Max 1 in 4-Color Display Carton Specifications for Tenzing Max1 TZ5000 Hunting Bag - 20 ... 4x9x2in Mesh Compartment: 8x5x2.5in Features of Tenzing Hunting Bag - TZ-5000: FULLY ADJUSTABLE ... BOOT FOLDOUT RAIN COVER H2O COMPATIBLE (3-LITER) TWENTY TOTAL COMPARTMENTS AND POCKETS TWO EXPANDING ... SIDE COMPARTMENTS FOR SCOPE OR TRIPOD TRIPLE ENTRY INTO MAIN COMPARTMENT (TOP, FACE & BOTTOM)...


Showing all 12 results.