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Vaude Deluxe Stretch Mattress Vaude Deluxe Stretch Mattress

: PU Foam 2-point safety closure Package Contents: Vaude Deluxe Vaude Mattress Pack Sack Emergency Repair Kit ... The Vaude Deluxe Mattress is a self-inflating, thick camping insulation pad for a good night's ... sleep. The Vaude Deluxe Camping Mattress is a thick pad with a comfortable, stretchy outer surface ... softness. All of these features add up to make the Vaude Deluxe Air Mattress, a front-runner. Vaude ... 723930: Deluxe - Stretch - 78X26X2.36 Matress, Wood Specifications for Vaude Delux Air Mattress: Stuff ... Sack: 66x15cm (36x6in) Weight: 1345g (2lb 15oz) Features of Vaude Deluxe Camping Mattress...


Vaude Tour Mattress Vaude Tour Mattress

for transport and storage and emergency repair kit. There are additional vertical perforations at the top ... The Vaude Tour Camping Mattress is the first choice for uncompromising trekkers. The Vaude Tour ... Air Mattress combines performance and weight at a nice price. A trapezoid shape allows it to be used ... The Vaude Mattress Tour is a leader in air mattresses. Vaude 723920: Tour - Mango - 72X21X1.25 ... Matress, Mango Specifications for Vaude Tour Mattress: Dimensions: 72X21X1.25 Package Contents: Vaude Tour Mattress...


Vaude Venus Stretch Matress Vaude Venus Stretch Matress

of Vaude Dream Camping Mattress: PU Foam 2-point safety closure Package Contents: Vaude Dream Mattress Pack Sack Emergency Repair Kit ... on the pelvis. The Vaude Venus Women's Air Mattress uses a special foam to distribute the weight ... and extremely comfortable at a minimal weight. The Vaude Venus Ladies' Mattress has a silky soft 50D stretch ... 72X21X1.25 Matress Specifications for Vaude Venus Air Mattress: Dimensions: 72X21X1.25 Features...


Vaude Sove Matress Vaude Sove Matress

and an emergency repair kit, the Vaude Sove Air/Foam Mattress is the ideal travel mattress. Vaude 723911: ... in an especially compact package. The Vaude Sove Camping Mattress features a 2.5 foam core to ensure ... Mattress: Self-inflate 2.5cm foam core 2-point safety closure Package Contents: Vaude Sove Matress...


Showing all 4 results.