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SOL Core Lite Survival Knife w/ Whistle and Flashlight 0140-0818 SOL Core Lite Survival Knife w/ Whistle and Flashlight 0140-0818

SOL Core Lite Survival Knife w/ Flashlight and Whistle is an essential tool for any survival pack. Whether you are a hunter, fisherman, or a hunter - the Core Lite from SOL is exactly what you need. the AUS-8 steel blade locks into place with a locking liner. Long handle combined with a short blade gives you more control of the SOL Core Lite Flashlight, Whistle, and Knife when you are preparing kindling, stripping wet bark, or notching and grooving branches. Having the right tools is essential to staying alive and getting rescued in a survival situation. The SOL Core...


Just The Basics Bug Out Pack Just The Basics Bug Out Pack

The Just The Basics Bug Out Pack has all the survival gear you need! It's never too soon to be prepared, and a bug out pack is a great tool to preserve your piece of mind. Conveniently sized to grab and go, the Bug Out Pack can be kept at home, work or in your car. This is a great starter pack, setting you up with a good baseline of 10 survival essentials for almost any situation. Survival experts will be quick to note that there are a few items that make every survival kit: 1) Water, 2) Food, and 3)...


SOG Super SOG Bowie Knife SOG Super SOG Bowie Knife

SOG Super SOG Bowie Knives SB1T-L commemorate 20 years of high quality knives from the experts ... at SOG. An update to the SOG Bowie knife that started it all, these SOG knives are equipped with large, ... and polished black crossguard. SOG Specialty Knives has packaged the Super SOG Bowie with an attractive ... ode to one of the most famous knives in history, from SOG or otherwise, purchase the SOG Super SOG ... Bowie Work Knife. Specifications for SOG Super SOG Bowie Stainless Steel Knives: Knife Type: ... Fixed Blade Application: Outdoor, Tactical Blade Length: 7.5" Blade Thickness: 0.25" Overall ... stone Hardcase Black TiNi finish Package Contents: SOG Super SOG Bowie Knives SB1T-L...


Miscellaneous Survival Card Miscellaneous Survival Card

of the most dependable materials, these Fixed Blade Knives from Miscellaneous will retain a good edge ... for longer time periods as compared to knives prepared by using less significant supplies. The Miscellaneous...


Advanced Survival Bug Out Bag Advanced Survival Bug Out Bag

The safety of you and your family is paramount in any survival scenario. The "Advanced Survival" Bug Out Bag includes all the great essentials featured in our "Just The Basics" pack, with a few notable additions and upgrades. Still conveniently sized to grab and go, this pack expands the gear list to 15 items that can make all the difference in a critical situation. We've added a complete Stanley first aid kit, a crystal clear Vanguard monocular, all-purpose Victorinox compact knife and more. This survival starter kit sets you up with the most important essentials and leaves you room for some handpicked...


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