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Stealth Hunter Kit by OpticsPlanet Stealth Hunter Kit by OpticsPlanet

Bag Blackhawk HellStorm Fury Commando Glove SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F06TN-CP FastHawk Axe Cass Creek Scent Kil Unscented Bar Soap...


Invisible Man Kit by OpticsPlanet Invisible Man Kit by OpticsPlanet

to spring your own trap. The Invisible Man Kit also includes knives, rangefinders, binoculars, ... of your personal supply when the time comes for you to become invisible. OpticsPlanet reserves the right ... Contents: The Invisible Man Kit by OpticsPlanet includes: Visual Stealth Camouflage OPMOD Ghillie Suit ... Length - Box Package 22-41578 Knives Puma Knives Hunting Folder Folding Knife Cases &...


Z.E.R.O. (Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations) Kit by OpticsPlanet Z.E.R.O. (Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations) Kit by OpticsPlanet

with a reversible pocket clip for easy carrying. Like many other folding blade knives by KA-BAR, the Zombie ... Zombie Kharon AUS 8A Steel Folding Pocket Knife. SOG Bowie 2.0 Knives S1T-L are the modern interpretation ... These incredibly sharp SOG knives utilize a faceted tip AUS 8 steel blade to hack through anything ... that stands in their way. Equipped with a scratch-resistant Black TiNi finish, these knives ... are pleasing to look at but sharp to the touch. SOG Bowie 2.0 knives make use of a smooth, brown leather ... since SOG Specialty Knives has packaged the knife with a leather sheath; the sheath has a removable ... detailing all over the blade and handle, these knives are sharp looking and sharp, period. When you...


Just The Basics Bug Out Pack Just The Basics Bug Out Pack

The Just The Basics Bug Out Pack has all the survival gear you need! It's never too soon to be prepared, and a bug out pack is a great tool to preserve your piece of mind. Conveniently sized to grab and go, the Bug Out Pack can be kept at home, work or in your car. This is a great starter pack, setting you up with a good baseline of 10 survival essentials for almost any situation. Survival experts will be quick to note that there are a few items that make every survival kit: 1) Water, 2) Food, and 3)...


Emergency Survival Car Kit Emergency Survival Car Kit

Nature is as beautiful as it is unpredictable. That is why OpticsPlanet presents the Emergency ... some light to keep you company. If you need to build a fire, the OpticsPlanet Emergency Survival Car ... going. The OpticsPlanet Emergency Survival Car Kit is intended to help stranded motorists stay safe ... upon something until rescue crews find you. Features of OpticsPlanet Emergency Survival Car Kit: ... flashlights, knives, a hatchet and gear to build a fire Includes an auto maintenance and repair ... and a BLACKHAWK Fleece SkullCap Package Contents: OpticsPlanet Emergency Surival Car Kit: Gerber...


Advanced Survival Bug Out Bag Advanced Survival Bug Out Bag

The safety of you and your family is paramount in any survival scenario. The "Advanced Survival" Bug Out Bag includes all the great essentials featured in our "Just The Basics" pack, with a few notable additions and upgrades. Still conveniently sized to grab and go, this pack expands the gear list to 15 items that can make all the difference in a critical situation. We've added a complete Stanley first aid kit, a crystal clear Vanguard monocular, all-purpose Victorinox compact knife and more. This survival starter kit sets you up with the most important essentials and leaves you room for some handpicked...


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