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UST SaberCut MaxChete UST SaberCut MaxChete

protects blade while in storage Wrist lanyard and sharpening stone included Rugged black nylon...


UST SaberCut Sharpening Stone UST SaberCut Sharpening Stone

for sharpening knives with a fine surface on one side and a course surface on the other. UST 20-511-310: ... the knife against this sharpening stone. Can be used to sharpen scissors, knives, and tools ... The UST SaberCut™ Sharpening Stone is the ideal tool to keep your blades as sharp ... as they were when you first got them. The U.S.T. Saber Cut Sharpener offers a combination of textures ... SaberCut Sharpening Stone Specifications for UST SaberCut™ Sharpening Stone: Size L x W x ... Sharpener: Use the coarse side to repair damage and put a rough edge on the knife The fine stone ... is used to polish the edge and get a razor sharp knife. Keeping knives sharp is as simple as drawing...


UST ParaCuda Machete w/ Paracord Wrapped Handle UST ParaCuda Machete w/ Paracord Wrapped Handle

Contents: UST ParaCuda FS Machete Knife w/ Paracord Handle 20-02251-08 Sheath Sharpener...


Showing all 3 results.