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Outgo Blakley Dive Knife Outgo Blakley Dive Knife

The Outgo Blakley Dive Knife is great for use when participating in all outdoor activities, not just limited to diving, but includes search and rescue, camping, hunting, fishing and more. This knife by Outgo is made of corrosion resistant 420 stainless steel with a form fitting and slip resistant handle. You can actually disassemble the Outgo Blakley Diving Folding Knife for easy cleaning and maintenance. Outgo UG60133: Blakley Dive Knife, Sheepfoot, Black Handle Package Contents: Outgo Blakley Diving Folding Knife...


No Image Available Outgo Blakley Dive Knife

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Outgo Samish Dive Knife Outgo Samish Dive Knife

The Outgo Samish Dive Knife not only makes an ideal survival knife, it is also useful when canoeing, fishing, kayaking and scuba diving. This knife by Outgo features a three-inch, stiletto tip, fixed blade and made of tough, corrosion-resistant 420 stainless steel. You can actually disassemble the Outgo Samish Dive & Watersports Knife for easy cleaning and can easily be strapped to your leg for just in case purposes. Outgo UG60156: Samish Dive Knife, Stiletto, Black Handle Package Contents: Outgo Samish Dive & Watersports Knife...


Showing all 3 results.