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Devtron Scopecoat Covers are quite simply one of the most useful ways to protect your gear. From Riflescopes and Red Dot Sights to Telescopes and Binoculars, you need a Scope Coat Protective Cover to keep your gear from getting scratched, water damaged or other possible hazards. There are a number of ways the Devtron Scopecoat protects your gear. The Neoprene material is layered to add extra padding. When you're hauling your rifle around and bang into something (which happens to us all) you'll be glad to have that protection. Those extra layers also help keep moisture away from your scope, and any water that's already on the scope will be pulled away from the scope to keep it extra dry. On humid days this will save you a lot of frustration from having to clean you lenses every time you stop. And Scopecoats are for more than just your scope, as there are models designed to go over the end of shotgun and rifle barrels to keep them clean and accurate as well. Devtron Scopecoats are a perfect way to keep your gun performing at the absolute highest levels.


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