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When you need lock down the valuables in your home, count on a security safe. These home safes are made for everyday protection of your most important possessions, from jewelery and watches to cash and documents. A security safe is great for a wide range of uses, from keeping a firearm out of reach for small children to to holding your social security card or passport. We understand how many of you bring home sensitive documents that can't be left out where they can be stolen. Many of our storage safes are fireproof to keep your documents protected against more than just theft, but also home destruction and natural disasters. You may not be at an elevated risk of theft, but you'll still be glad you bought a security safe because of the peace of mind it gives you. Find yours right here at OpticsPlanet and remember that most orders over $29.99 receive Free S&H!

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While some of the security safes below are fireproof, we have a whole section dedicated to fire safes, so if that's your primary concern, head over there to find what you need. On the other hand, you may want to keep your safe out of sight, in which case you should check out our wall safes. While you will see some of these options below, our security safes are more for general use, so they're great for a wider variety of applications. And don't worry about strength; all are built to resist any attempts at forced entry - what goes into your security safe will only come out when you say so!

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