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Self Defense Pepper Sprays are used by law enforcement agents in many situations including, crowd control, riot control and personal self-defense instances. OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) pepper spray is a non-lethal form of self defense that causes eyes to tear, pain and in some instances temporary blindness. The irritant in pepper spray is stored in a replaceable canister that is then inserted in a OC pepper sprayer like the ASP OC Defender line of Self defense sprayers. Used in tandem, this form of pocket pepper spray can be easily concealed in a purse of pocket and can be devastatingly effective. To complete your personal self defense attire, we have a wide selection of accessories like pouches, tactical belts, Carrying Bags and Holster Accessories OpticsPlanet, Inc offers a full line of original Self Defense Pepper Sprays with full manufacturer's warranty and Free S&H Ground shipping on orders over $29.95!

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