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Product No Longer Available

Unfortunately Serengeti Endeavor GN MTL DR Sunglasses 6473 is no longer carried by OpticsPlanet. You can also explore other items in the Sunglasses category yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

This model of Serengeti Singlasses has been discontinued. Please visit our site for the huge selections of Serengeti Sunglasses

Serengeti Endeavor GN MTL DR Sunglasses 6473 Product Info

Serengeti Vertex Sunglasses (Sedona lens) there is no such thing for your eyes as an average day. Light changes continually from sun-up to sundown. No matter what the weather may be, your eyes are constantly exposed to lighting conditions that strain and fatigue. Serengeti Vertex Sunglasses offers the ultimate protection, the unseen science behind Serengeti Sunglasses is the most advanced in the history of eyewear. Superior technology has been integrated into lenses and frames that provide exceptional protection and durability.

Available models:

  • 6560: Serengeti Vertex Sun Glasses (Sedona lens)

Additional information on our full line of Serengeti Sunglasses

Sunglasses by Serengeti - your eyes have never had it so good

There's no such thing as an average day for your eyes, and we at understand that!  Light changes continually from sun-up to sundown. No matter what the weather may be, your eyes are constantly exposed to lighting conditions that strain and fatigue. Only one brand of sunglasses offers the ultimate protection, Serengeti. The unseen science behind designer Serengeti sunglasses lenses is the most advanced in the history of eyewear. Superior technology and design of Serengeti sunglasses have been integrated into lenses that provide exceptional protection, and now Guaranteed 100% Genuine and Authentic Serengeti sunglasses offered by one of the largest  Serengeti sunglasses distributors on the Net, - all on sale, all with Free Ground Shipping shipping, and at the lowest, deeply discounted wholesale prices .


Serengeti Sunglasses Spectral Control

Serengeti's patented Spectral Control? filters interact with the full spectrum of light, selectively blocking and filtering each wavelength. Contrast is improved so objects appear more sharply defined. Colors are bright and vibrant. Glare is virtually eliminated, allowing your eyes to relax and see everything remarkably crisp and clear.

Serengeti Eyewear photochromic lenses

Serengeti sunglass' exclusive photochromic lenses automatically adjust to changing light conditions. Activated by the amount of ultraviolet light in the atmosphere, the Serengeti lenses darken in bright sunlight and lighten in overcast conditions. And because the technology is engineered into the glass, it can never wear off or wear out. With Serengeti sun glasses you're always wearing the right lens, no matter what the conditions.

Serengeti Sunglasses optical glass

Made from distortion-free, precision ground and polished optical glass, Serengeti glasses give you the clearest image available. Scratch resistant and chemically tempered for strength, each and every Serengeti lens is drop ball tested with a steel ball to ensure maximum impact resistance. With proper care, Serengeti sunglasses lenses can last a lifetime. 

Serengeti Sunglasses UV protection

Every day your eyes are bombarded by potentially damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun. Many sunglasses filter some UV light, but Serengeti lenses block 100% of UVB light and no less than 98.5% of UVA rays, exceeding all government and commercial standards. Lenses also feature an anti-reflective coating on the reverse side to block glare and back reflections.

Serengeti Polarized Sunglasses (selected Serengetti sunglass models)

When normal, parallel rays of light bounce off surfaces like windshields, windows, water or ice, they create random light waves. These reflected light waves produce glare that irritates your eyes. Working like microscopic Venetian blinds, the polarized filters in Serengeti's Strata 400 lenses ?organize? the light, eliminating glare and reducing eye fatigue.

Serengeti sun glasses optical glass

Blue light waves cause a unique set of vision problems. These shorter wavelengths can't be properly focused by your eyes, creating a phenomenon known as "blue blur". Blue light waves are responsible for "veiling glare" as they scatter off dust and moisture particles in the air. Serengeti sunglasses lenses block and filter 95% of blue light, virtually eliminating blue blur and the eye strain and fatigue it can cause.

Serengeti Sunglasses warranty is an Authorized US-based wholesale and retail distributor for Serengeti eyewear and all purchases from us are covered by the full Serengeti manufacturer's  warranty.  Except no cheap imitations - all of products on sale are Guaranteed 100% Genuine and Authentic!  Serengeti (B.P.O.) warrants to the consumer that for one year from the date of purchase we will repair or replace, at our option, any Serengeti product that is defective in materials or workmanship. This warranty does not apply to products which have been lost, altered, broken or damaged by misuse or failure to follow instructions provided with the product. Serengeti does not warrant against normal wear, including lens scratching or accidental frame breakage.

Complete Serengeti Sunglasses Catalog

If you are on a high-speed Internet connection, check out complete 2004 Serengeti Catalog from in PDF Format (~3 MB) - We at carry full product line of Serengeti sunglasses catalog!

Looking for last year Serengeti sunglasses model that you liked so much? Take a look at 2003 Serengeti Sunglass Catalog catalog, and we can try to get you last year's style if you so desire! 

Serengeti Sunglasses Lens Selection


Drivers lens Serengeti Sunglasses Collection:

Serengeti Drivers is  Serengetti's most versatile lens, enhancing your vision in all conditions. Featuring our patented Spectral Control System, the Drivers lens is engineered to improve contrast and reduce eye fatigue Serengeti Drivers. See better, drive safer.

Drivers lens Serengeti Sunglasses Gradient Collection:

Featuring a top gradient coating, the SERENGETI Drivers Gradient lens is the preferred choice of military and commercial pilots. The gradient acts to block the sun's glare from the top while providing a clear view of instruments at the bottom A must for pilots and drivers alike.

Strata lens Serengeti Sunglasses Collection:

The premier Serengeti Strata Sunglasses lens combines Serengeti's patented Spectral Control? System with optically precise polarization. Never again worry about the glare and haze associated with boating and water activities. This superior technology is available in polorized Serengeti popular gray/green 555nm lens and the classic Serengeti Drivers lens  Polarized Serengeti sunglasses are the finest lens the world has seen.

555nm lens Serengeti Sunglasses Collection:

The Serengeti 555 nm gray/green lenses maximizes yellow and green light transmission. This gives you an incredibly accurate view of the world. Bright light conditions are no problem. The darkest lens for the brightest light.

Sedona lens Serengeti Sunglasses Collection:

Serengeti Sedona lens provides superior image definition in all daylight conditions. Golf, water sports and ski fanatics all prefer Sedona's high-contrast rose-colored lens because of its superior ability to block glare in flat light conditions. A lens for sports enthusiasts everywhere.

Serengeti PolarMax

They said it couldn't be done. A lightweight alternative to glass that doesn't sacrifice our premium lens technology. Meet Serengeti PolarMax, a patented polycarbonate lens with photochromic properties, superior polarization and premium anti-glare coatings. Available in PolarMax Drivers? and PolarMax CPG? (cool photo grey) lens color. Only from Serengeti?.

  • Polarization
  • Spectral Control? Lens System
  • Photochromic Technology
  • Precision Optics
  • UV Protection
  • Blue Light Filters
  • Ultra-Lightweight Polycarbonate Lens

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