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Product No Longer Available

Unfortunately Serengeti Progressive Rx Prescription Arabella Sunglasses, 68002, 68012, 6 Base Plastic Frame, Drivers Lenses is no longer carried by OpticsPlanet.

This model of Serengeti Progressive RX has been discontinued and no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our site for a great selection of Serengeti RX, Bolle Prescription, Wiley-X RX ,and Body Specs RX and other brand name RX Sunglasses .

Serengeti Progressive Rx Prescription Arabella Sunglasses, 68002, 68012, 6 Base Plastic Frame, Drivers Lenses Product Info

Serengeti Arabella Progressive Rx Prescription Drivers Sunglasses have a stylish and good looking 6 base metal frame. Featuring the patented Spectral Control System, the Drivers lens used in Arabella Prescription Sunglasses is engineered to improve contrast and reduce eye fatigue.

Serengeti Prescription Sunglasses

Every masterpiece deserves the perfect frame, and the Serengeti sunglasses lenses are no exception. Serengeti eyewear delivers with award-winning, ergonomically designed frames that flatter your face with styles that range from classic to cutting edge. Serengeti incredibly lightweight yet rugged frames are crafted from the world's finest materials.  Now these wonderful Serengeti frames can be wrapped around world's best prescription sunglasses lenses! is proud to be one of the very few selected online Serengeti Authentic Rx Program Authorized Dealers. Serengeti Authentic Rx Program offers Guaranteed 100% Genuine and Authentic Serengeti prescription sunglasses - you get all the Serengeti quality, style, and performance you expect from non-Rx Serengeti sunglasses with the addition of your custom prescription Serengeti lenses - with the convenience of a no-hassle online ordering processing provided by   Serengeti Authentic Rx Program offered by Serengetti through ensures that you get true Serengeti technologically-advanced single vision and progressive lenses.  You get authentic Serengeti sunglasses with perfectly matched lens tints and technologies, complemented and authenticated by the signature ?S? logo applied on the wearer?s right lens.  We offer prescription sunglasses with all Serengeti glass lenses -  Drivers, Drivers Gradient, 555nm, Sedona, and Strata.  Serengeti  6 and 8 base Rx lens technology allows for a wider range +2.00 to ?4.00 of Rx prescriptions in Serengeti?s popular wrap-style frames.

Most Serengeti Authentic Rx Prescription Sun glasses are available in Single Vision and Progressive prescriptions (6 base frames only for Progressive), however, a segment height measurement is needed to make Serengeti progressive lenses.  If you decide to go with a Serengeti progressive lens option, please get the segment height measurement from your optometrist and include it in the comments field..

The price of the Serengeti Prescription (frame & lens) depends on which Serengeti frame and Rx lens combination you would like to purchase.  When you add your selection to the shopping cart, you will see the total before you need to check out.  We at do NOT charge for standard Ground shipping of Serengeti prescription sunglass orders that normally 10-15 business days. 

Serengeti Authentic Rx Program Warranty Information

No matter what you do or where you go, there's a Serengeti lens that will give you the best view of the world around you.  Authentic Serengeti Prescription Sunglasses are the best in the industry, and the quality is simply superb!  

Serengeti Coating Warranty ? Vacuum coatings are warranted within 12 months for defects. There is no warranty for scratches on mirrored lenses.  The replacement lenses must be of the same prescription and material as the original.

Returns: Please note Serengetti prescription sunglasses are custom orders, and we cannot issue refunds on Rx Sunglasses.

Progressive Lens Warranty ? In the event you cannot adjust to your progressive lenses within 90 days we will credit the original Rx in full, provided that a pair of single vision lenses are ordered from us in its place. These lenses must be of the same prescription and frame shape as the original progressive lens order.

Q: How long will it take to get my prescription lenses?

A: All prescription sunglasses purchased from are shipped FREE of charge within lower 48 US States and shipped within 7-15 business days and delivered to you via 2nd Day Air. Express processing options are NOT available at this time. If you need assistance, you can email us or call toll-free (800) 504-5897

Q: What is the Return Policy for prescription lenses?

A: All prescription sales are final.  Please check the form and your prescription to make sure the order is correct.  You can do it any time during checkout!

Q: Can I send my own frames to to have prescription lenses installed?

A: No, at this point we are not able to install rx prescription lenses to the frames provided by our customers.

Q: Can I buy lenses from, and have them installed by a local optician?

A: No. Lenses cannot be separated from lens installation. Lenses must be purchased and installed by the same company.

Q: Can I use my Vision\ Rx Prescription Insurance Plan at

A: At this time, does not accept insurance vision planes, but please check with your insurance company - often you can submit your prescription sunglasses purchase from for reimbursement.  Please contact your  insurance company for more details.

Q: The form above and online form are too difficult. What if I still have questions and would like to talk to a customer service representative?

A: If you need assistance, you can email us or call toll-free (800) 504-5897 - we are here to help!

Q: Can I have a fax, email or mail the prescription form to me?

A: Yes. is happy to accommodate your ordering preference. Just send an email us with your request. If you want us to call you and take your order over the phone, we can do it too! If you would like to place your order over the phone, please call us toll-free (800) 504-5897.

Prescription Sunglasses Progressive Lenses

Progressive addition lenses (also called "no-line bifocals" or "progressives" for short) correct vision for two or three different distances without the visible segment lines seen in bifocal or trifocal lenses. Unlike bi-focal lenses that have one clearly visible segment for near vision and one segment for far vision, progressive lenses offer a continuous, gradual change in prescription strength from the lower (reading correction) to the upper (distance correction) portion of the eyeglass lens.  Progressive lenses in prescription sunglasses and eye glasses provide correction for all distances whether you look up to see a road sign in the far distance, look ahead to view your car's dashboard, computer monitor, or aircraft's instrument panel in the intermediate zone, or look down to read a book or newspaper. Prescription progressive lenses (sometimes called progressive multi focal lenses) are actually preferred to bifocals or trifocals because high-quality progressive lenses provide the most natural correction and are the most attractive to wear-and because they avoid the "image jump" experienced in bifocals or trifocals when eyes move from one distance zone to another. There are a variety of options available to meet your specific progressive lens needs, including thin and light lenses, impact-resistant polycarbonate, even adjustable tint lenses., Serengeti, Bolle have teamed up with SOLA to offer the latest technology that is provided by the optical industry - the best progressive precription lenses available on the market today.  SOLO progressive addition lenses are one of the most sophisticated solutions for presbyopia, the inability of people to focus on near objects. Most people over their early 40's are affected to some degree by a natural loss of focusing ability (presbyopia.).  If you are having a hard time reading or seeing things up close, there are several ways to correct your vision - Progressive Lens sunglasses, Bifocals / Trifocal Lens glasses, prescription sunglasses, reading spectacles, or cheap store-bought glasses.

Benefits of High Quality Progressive Lenses in Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

  Corrects for all viewing distances Provides uninterrupted central vision Contemporary appearance Incorporeities your full prescriptions
Progressive Lenses Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bifocals / Trifocal Lenses Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prescription sunglasses Yes Yes Yes Yes
Store-bought glasses Yes Yes Yes Yes

With our wide selection of 100% Authentic men's and lady's Prescription Sunglasses not only you will see better, but you will also look cool as we carry the latest designer frames and lens colors.   Progressive lenses provide excellent results for most patients.   They provide a focus for distance, near and all distances between.  Cosmetically sunglasses with prescription progressive lenses look "younger" since they have no line, and most importantly, the vision correction in sunglasses and glasses with progressive addition lenses is more natural for the sunglass wearer.

Adaptation to Prescription Progressive Sunglasses and Our Progressive Lens Guarantee

Normally a quick adaptation period anywhere from minutes to a few days is required when you get your first pair of prescription glasses that are fitted with progressive lenses.  Some people with strong prescriptions do take a bit longer to adapt to the progressive lenses.   In the event you cannot adjust to your progressive lenses within 90 days, we will credit the original Rx in full, provided that a pair of single vision lenses are ordered from us in its place. These lenses must be of the same prescription and frame shape as the original progressive lens order. Please note that all prescription sunglasses are custom made for your specific prescription, and we cannot and do not issue refunds on custom made Rx Sunglasses.

Segment Height in Progressive Lens Eyewear Prescriptions

Please note - it is very important that your optometrist or optician takes correct measurements - the segment height and your PD, the distance between your pupils, must be measured correctly.  If the lower part of your prescription glasses, the reading segment, is placed too low, you will have to bend your neck backwards when reading.  The prescription frame should be correctly aligned on your face , especially when multifocals and progressive lenses are prescribed.   the optimal position of the reading or seg height of a progressive no-line bifocal lens. Usually, when the seg height measurement is taken, it requires the patient or eyeglass customer to be present wearing the frame.  If you would like to try the frame on before you purchase your prescription, please see our Prescription Sunglasses Trial Program

If you need any assistance in ordering your Prescription Sunglasses with progressive lenses, you can email us or call us toll-free (800) 504-5897  - we are here to help!

For complete selection of our prescription sunglasses and glasses with progressive lenses please see this page

Prescription Sunglasses Trial Program

We understand that prescriptions sunglasses might be a difficult item to purchase without trying them on. Since custom made prescription glasses and goggles are not returnable, it might be a good idea to try on the frame first, then send them back to have the prescription made know that the frame is comfortable and fits and looks good on your face!  Having the frame you like during eye doctor's exam is especially important when you want to order a pair of prescription sunglasses with progressive lenses and need to have the exact frame in order for your optometrist or optician to take correct measurements of segment height that's required for all progressive lens prescriptions. Our unique patent-pending Prescription Sunglasses Trial Program is designed to give you a piece of mind when you order a pair of brand name designer prescription sunglasses from our online store. Please see this page for more information about our unique designer glasses trial offer.

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