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Serengeti Sunglasses are world-renowned for their unbeatable combination of style and performance. Serengeti doesn't cut corners when designing their sunglasses. Serengeti Sunglasses incorporate unique innovations as well as features that other eyewear manufacturer regard as special add-ons, creating eyewear that is simply among the very best in the world. Sunglasses by Serengeti will not only protect your eyes from harsh UV rays, but also improve your ability to see, so you'll be able to better perform no matter what you're doing - whether in sporting events, driving your car, or sailing a boat. If you're looking for a specific model of Serengeti Sunglasses from a previous year be sure to take a look at our PDF catalogs. Find the pair you want and we'll do our best to track it down for you!

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Serengeti Lens Technologies

Serengeti Sunglasses offer technological superiority, based on several key lens technologies:

  • Photochromic Lenses - All Serengeti Sunglasses are photochromic. Light-Adjusting Technology gives Serengeti photochromic lenses the ability to adjust to changing light conditions instantly. With photochromic technology, your sunglasses lenses will change as quickly as the scenery. The molecules inside the lenses adjust, causing them to lighten and darken automatically. It's not a coating - it's molecularly engineered into the glass. And since the technology is inherent in the glass, it never wears off or wears out. The result? Better, more comfortable vision, no matter what the daylight conditions. Your eyes will not feel strained or tired because of this special technology. Serengeti Sunglasses are the ideal driving sunglasses, as they are the only photochromic sunglasses that darken when you are behind the wheel. The coating of your car's windshield will prevent most other sunglasses from darkening properly, but not Serengeti!
  • Spectral Control - High Definition Technology filters out specific colors within the light spectrum, delivering stunning definition, contrast and color enhancement. With Spectral Control, you'll see everything you want to see, and nothing that you don't. Spectral Control provides unparalleled hi-def contrast and superior color enhancement, for crisper color and clearer images. These Serengeti lenses also block the distracting blue light that cases blurring, which in turn can cause eye strain and eye fatigue.
  • Polarization - Glare Reduction Technology cuts road and surface glare significantly, leading to greatly reduced eye fatigue. Sometimes the best way to rest your eyes is to go for a nice, long drive. Light can bounce and reflect off a myriad of surfaces, like water, snow, and the road itself. But Serengeti polarizing technology removes the glare - and the stress that it causes on your eyes. Serengeti polarized lenses block virtually 100% of UVA and UVB rays, for protection that goes well beyond government and commercial standards, so your eyes stay sharp, and you stay safe. (NOTE: Serengeti Lenses are not polarized by default. Make sure you select the right model for you when placing an order.)
  • UV Protection – Every day your eyes are bombarded by potentially damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun. Serengeti lenses block harmful UVA and UVB rays, meeting all government and commercial standards for UV protection. Serengeti also features an anti-reflective coating on the reverse side of the lenses, to block glare and back reflections.
Serengeti Lens Materials - Glass Lenses

Serengeti Glass Lenses offer the highest optical quality and scratch resistance. Glass lenses are somewhat heavier than other lens materials. Serengeti's selection of glass lens tints includes:

  • Drivers - The brown-colored Drivers Lens is ideal for driving, as it adjusts to the changing light conditions inevitably encountered on the road. Drivers lenses provide 24% light transmittance when lightened, and 9% transmittance when fully darkened.
  • Drives Gradient - The brown Drivers Gradient Lens is ideal for pilots, or anyone who requires eye protection as well as a crystal clear view. The Drivers Gradient lens provides exceptional clarity and confidence in all conditions. 24% transmittance when lightened; 9% transmittance when darkened.
  • Drivers Polarized - the Drivers Polarized Lens is a versatile brown lens that performs under cloudy and harsh light conditions, and features the added protection of the Serengeti polarizing technology. 18% transmittance when lightened; 10% transmittance when darkened.
  • 555nm - the green-colored 555NM Lens is ideal for bright light conditions. The 555nm maximizes greens and yellows for greater contrast and clarity. With its silver flash coating, the 555nm gives glare virtually no way in, from any direction. 15% transmittance when lightened; 9% transmittance when darkened.
  • 555nm Polarized - the green 555 nm Polarized Lens has all the high-contrast benefits of the 555nm, and combats glare with premium polarizing technology. The 555nm Polarized is ideal for all bright light conditions. 15% transmittance when lightened; 8% transmittance when darkened.
  • Sedona - the rose-colored, high-contrast Sedona Lens provides ultimate clarity and contrast in the harshest light conditions, making it ideal for skiing, golf, marine use and other intense light conditions. 15% transmittance when lightened; 8% transmittance when darkened.
  • Sedona Polarized - the rose Sedona Polarized lens combines polarizing technology with a rose-colored lens to provide exceptional clarity and eye protection in the harshest of lights. The Sedona Polarized is ideal for skiing, golf, marine use and more.15% transmittance when lightened; 9% transmittance when darkened.
Serengeti Lens Materials - Polar PhD Lenses

Serengeti Polar PhD lenses are polarized, and are made of Trivex, an exceptionally lightweight plastic with a visual acuity approaching that of glass. These lenses offer optical superiority, while resting like a feather on the bridge of your nose. The Polar PhD lens is 10% lighter than polycarbonate, 4 times lighter than glass, protects against harmful UVA/UVB rays, and delivers superior optical clarity - just like the legendary Serengeti glass lenses. Serengeti Polar PhD lens technology includes full UV protection, hard coating to protect against scratching, and an oleo-phobic coating to repel moisture, fingerprints and dirt.

Serengeti Polar PhD lenses (previously known as PolarMax) with Spectral Control are built with NXT lens technology, for precise optical clarity and zero distortion. The polarizing technology is uniquely embedded into the lenses with Advanced Polarized Surface Technology - an ingenious way to infuse polarization directly onto the back of the lens. It's leagues beyond conventional film-based polarized lens construction. These polarized lenses will never peel or delaminate, and they retain their crisp photochromic function for decades of carefree use.

Available tints of Serengeti Polar PhD lenses include:

  • Polar PhD Drivers - The brown-colored Drivers Lens is ideal for driving, as it adjusts to the changing light conditions inevitably encountered on the road. 21% transmittance when lightened; 9% transmittance when darkened. 96% of blue light blocked when darkened; 92% of blue light blocked when lightened.
  • Polar PhD CPG - the Cool Photo Gray (CPG) lens is ideal for all weather conditions, especially harsh glare. With its exceptional polarization properties, it's clearly not timid when it comes to maximum protection. 17% transmittance lightened; 9% when darkened. 93% of blue light blocked when darkened; 83% of blue light blocked when lightened.

Sunglasses with Serengeti Polar PhD lenses are perfect for all activities, including driving, biking, golfing, sailing, hiking, skiing and more.

The Serengeti Lens-Making Process
  • Step 1: An uncut photochromic lens blank, produced by Corning, is ground and polished.
  • Step 2: The lens blank is put through a Lehr furnace and hydrogen-fired to apply the lens color, photochromic properties, and Spectral Control filters.
  • Step 3: For polarized lenses, the lens is sandwiched together with piece of polarizing film and clear UV400 glass, creating one lens.
  • Step 4: The lens is chemically hardened for maximum impact resistance.
  • Step 5: The lens is placed into a vacuum where an anti-reflective coating is applied.
  • Step 6: The lens is then cut and polished to fit perfectly into a Serengeti metal or plastic frame.
  • Step 7: Each lens is drop ball tested before and after assembly.
Serengeti Sunglasses warranty

We are an Authorized US-based wholesale and retail distributor for Serengeti eyewear. We only carry authentic Serengeti Eyewear Sunglasses, so whether you're looking for Serengeti Sport Polar PhD, Serengeti Classics or Serengeti Flex, you'll find the real deal here! We also offer a selection of Serengeti Prescription Sunglasses! Most of our standard Serengeti Sunglasses are available as Rx sunglasses as well. We carry a wide array of prescription sunglasses from Serengeti and other sunglasses manufacturers. All purchases from us are covered by the full Serengeti manufacturer's warranty. Accept no cheap imitations - all sunglasses sold here are Guaranteed 100% Genuine and Authentic! Serengeti (B. P.O.) warrants to the consumer that for one year from the date of purchase we will repair or replace, at our option, any Serengeti product that is defective in materials or workmanship. This warranty does not apply to products which have been lost, altered, broken or damaged by misuse or failure to follow instructions provided with the product. Serengeti does not warrant against normal wear, including lens scratching or accidental frame breakage.

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