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Product Discontinued by Manufacturer

LOMO SF-100 Stereo Microscope (MBC-10) Ground has been discontinued by LOMO and is no longer available. Our product experts have helped us select these available replacements below. You can also explore other items in the Microscopes category yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

This model of LOMO Microscopes is now discontinued and no longer available. Please check out our other selection of Carson Microscopes, Celestron Microsscopes, Konus Microscopes, Nikon Microscopes, VWR Microscopes and other Microscopes currently available at our store.

LOMO SF-100 Stereo Microscope (MBC-10) Ground Product Info

LOMO SF-100 Stereo Microscope is a stereo microscope outfit that will out-perform others in almost every way but price!


This parallel path optical system gains its uniqueness and versatility from five pairs of objectives mounted in a rotating cylinder (Galilean Drum) which yield very sharp three-dimensional images at magnifications ranging from 3.3x to 100.8x, depending on the eyepieces used, and up to 201.6x with the optional 2x auxiliary lens (#SF-AO2X). These optics will blow you away, don't let the price fool you! (Comparable optical performance from Western European and Japanese manufacturers of parallel path stereo microscopes literally can cost $3,000-$6,000).

Included Accessories

Two pairs of 1.25" (31.75mm), fully coated eyepieces are included in the generous array of extras that are standard with the SF100. One pair of eyepieces has an 8x magnification, and the second pair has a magnification of 14x. To make the SF-100 microscopes, called MBC-10 in Russia even more versatile, a beautiful, focusing 8x eyepiece is included that accepts two interchangeable, and included, eyepiece reticles; one reticle contains a graduated micrometer scale and the second reticle contains a counting grid. Rounding out this extraordinary stereo microscope value, the SF-100 microscope includes two interchangeable stage plates that are used to vary the background color in order to provide contrast from your sample (1. a reversible black and white stage plate and 2. a clear glass stage plate for using transmitted light), three bulbs, and a green filter for the standard illuminator.

Please also take a look at the Configuration Table for our SF model line to see what is included in this great microscope package. As stated above, all SF 100 's come with 5 eyepieces as standard: three 8X eyepieces (two plain and one with focusing capability and 2 reticles) and two 14X eyepieces (plain). If the photomicrography attachment (#SF-FA) is purchased, it includes an extra 14X plain eyepiece, making it an even three 8X and three 14X.


The projection-style lamp housing has a built-in condenser system, and may be mounted above the sample for incident light, or inserted in the rear of the base for transmitted light. The 6V/20W external power supply minimizes heat to the specimen and contains a constant-output transformer. Together with the two glass stage plates, the SF-100 can be used for a wide variety incident and transmitted light applications. For incident observations, use the reversible black and white contrast plate. For transmitted illumination, just install the transparent glass stage plate and you,'re off! A large, adjustable mirror is housed in the base to aid in focusing the transmitted illumination according to your sample.


To take advantage of the enormous 95mm (3.7") working distance, the adjustable stand is a full 14.5" tall, allowing a much larger range of specimen sizes than all but a few, very expensive, stereo microscopes with transmitted light stands.

Optional Accessories

What can possibly make the SF 100 even more devastating to the more expensive brands of stereo microscopes? 150W Fiber Optic Illumination. Nothing can help these already highly corrected lenses produce vivid 3D images like bright, shadow-free illumination with a constant color temperature from a high quality Fiber Optic Illuminator and Ringlight. The #FO-FR is a specially designed fiber optic ring illuminator for the SF100. It slips directly over the objective of the SF-100 and is tightened via a simple set-screw. The ringlight requires a fiber optic illuminator, such as our #FO-LS150, and is adjustable for to help eliminate shadows on even the most difficult samples.

What do you want to do with your images? Do your applications require documenting your work through photographs or digital images? Would a video camera and monitor system help you teach with this microscope? Then upgrade to the #SF-FA photomicrography attachment. The SF-FA is installed in between the optical body and binocular head of the SF-100, contains a beam splitter that either directs all of the light to the binocular head, or 90% to the camera and 10% to the binocular head for simultaneous viewing while capturing images! The manual for the #SF-FA photomicrography attachment includes a ray diagram detailing the image path. The #SF-FA photomicrography attachment comes ready to accept 35mm cameras that are able to adapt to T-mount lenses. (If you do not have a camera that accepts T-mount lenses, then you will need to purchase a simple thread adapter. They are readily available from photo shops such as Wolf, or Ritz, etc. and are usually around $10-$15. For example, you would like to place your Canon 35mm camera on the SF-FA. You would need to purchase a ,"Canon to T-mount," adapter, and then you can thread your camera directly onto the T-mount threads of the SF-FA.) For 35mm picture taking, the magnification at the film plane depends on what magnification the rotating objective drum is at. Therefore, 35mm pictures can have a magnification of 0.6X, 1X, 2X, 4X, or 7X. The image size at the film plane is the standard 24 x 36. However, the SF-FA also includes a phototube capable of holding an eyepiece, which enables a second person to look through the microscope. Or, this same phototube can accept one of our C-mount and/or digital camera adapters, which are capable of providing much higher magnifications to the camera. Still confused? Drop us an email us with your questions.

If you do not see some specific accessory that you are looking for, please take a look at the list of LOMO PLC microscope products that we offer or email us with your questions

OPTICAL SYSTEM: 3.3X–100.8X Magnification for observation; 39mm,-2.4mm Field of view; 95mm Working distance
BODY 45,° inclined binocular tubes for comfortable viewing. 56mm to 72mm interpupillary adjustment. ±5 dioptric focusing on the left eyepiece tube. Rack and Pinion focusing arrangement.
STAND Large metal stand attachable to a diascopic base 14.5" column adjustable to accommodate samples of bigger sizes. A black/white stage plate and a transparent glass stage plate, both 100mm diameter, with a pair of removable stage clips. A substage reflector with a mirror surface on one side and a white diffusive surface on the other for observing transparent or translucent specimens. A pair of armrests
ILLUMINATION 6VAC / 20w illuminator delivers sufficient illumination for observation in oblique or transmitted light. With a light condenser and a light filter 3 incandescent lamps to go together
OBJECTIVE High quality Achromatic Lenses, Built-in 0.6X, 1X, 2X, 4X and 7X.
EYEPIECE All SF-100's come with 5 eyepieces as standard: three 8X eyepieces (two plain and one with focusing capability and 2 reticles) and two 14X eyepieces (plain). If our optional #SF-FA photomicrography attachment is purchased, then we will also ship an extra 14X plain eyepiece, making it an even three 8X and three 14X.
Miscellaneous Instruction manual, Dust cover

LOMO SF-Series Stereo Microscopes (known in Europe as MBC-10 microscopes) are absolutely the best choice available in today's market. Similar models of Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss, or Leica microscopes would cost thousands more! With a life time warranty and Free Shipping, you cannot go wrong with a LOMO Stereo microscope purchase from

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LOMO SF-100 Stereo Microscope (MBC-10) Ground Comments

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Helpful Positive Review Very Good Value for the Money by Legacy Reviewer, October 29, 2011
I really appreciate the value of this microscope. For the money it can't be beat. With the 2x Aux. lens this dissecting scope can go to 200x. After I took the time to clean the lenses the clarity of 3D images really popped out. The light setup is pre...
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Helpful Negative Review Does this thing really work? by Legacy Reviewer, December 27, 2008
Packaged very nice. I was very excited to open the scope up and begine exploring. I purchased three microscopes. Two kits for children and one for myself. So far, I havent been able to see anything. I have re-read the cryptic instructions 20 times t...
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Most Recent Review Quite a nice microscope. by Legacy Reviewer, September 8, 2010
Pros: Good optics, good price.
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Most Recent Review Excellent Instrument by Legacy Reviewer, July 4, 2010
As a researcher I was skeptical. But this instrument is by far the best a person could find for even three times the money. The parallel path optical system is an important advantage with the three dimensional views. It is a welcome addition to my...
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Most Recent Review Very Pleased by Legacy Reviewer, February 26, 2010
I was nervous to purchase a microscope online but I was pleasantly surprised. It arrived quickly, in great condition and staff was very helpful. Some assembly was required but it was straight forward. I had it unpacked, assembled and was looking at s...
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