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Discontinued, no longer available! See Sandisk 128mb Smart Media cards

SimpleTech SmartMedia is one of the thinnest solutions for removable solid-state memory. About one third the size of a credit card and just as thin, SmartMedia is a small but durable format. Built with solid-state construction, with no moving parts that will wear down over time, our SmartMedia will securely store your music, images and data.

SimpleTech SmartMedia has a simple structure in comparison with conventional memory cards. The NAND-type flash memory chip enhances the write and erase capabilities as data is rewritten in smaller increments. This results in improved
performance through continuous data recording.
SimpleTech SmartMedia is a compact, reliable and competitive solution for today's digital devices.

SimpleTech SmartMedia Card Features:

  • Thinnest Removable Form Factor
  • Storage Capacities: 16MB to 128MB
  • Nonvolatile Solid-State NAND Flash
  • 22 Pad SmartMedia (SSFDC) Connector
  • 3.3V Operation
  • Low Power Consumption
  • ID for Copyright Protection
  • Automatic Program and Erase


  • Digital Cameras
  • PDA/Handheld PCs
  • MP3 Players
  • Word Processors
  • GPS
  • Cellular Phones
  • Photo Printers
  • Laptops