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Unfortunately Sky Watcher 254N EQ5 PRO Newtonian Reflector Telescope S11650 is no longer carried by OpticsPlanet. You can also explore other items in the Telescopes category yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

This Sky Watcher Telescope is discontinued and no longer available. View our full selection of Sky Watcher products and telescopes from top brands.

Sky Watcher 254N EQ5 PRO Newtonian Reflector Telescope S11650 Product Info

The Sky Watcher 254N EQ5 PRO Newtonian Reflector Telescope S11650 offers amazing light gathering capability combined with portability. The Sky Watcher Telescope has the potential to capture extraordinary fine detail of the solar system and of other deep-space objects. Its large 254mm aperture will allow the observer to capture faint galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters the way they should be seen. Sky Watcher's 254N Eq5 PRO Newtonian Telescope will hit the sweet spot for many serious amateurs out there searching for large aperture, a reasonable cost and GO-TO capability.

The additional detail that can be seen with this Sky Watcher Newtonian Reflector Telescope is truly impressive. Its larger light gathering ability pays big dividends in brightness and increased resolution, especially with respect to faint magnitude objects beyond the visual limit of an 8 inch (203mm) telescope.

Objects that can be seen with an 8" telescope will look even better with the Sky-Watcher 254N EQ5 PRO Newtonian Reflector Telescope, such as diffuse emission nebulae in the summer sky like the Lagoon(M8), Trifid(M20), and Swan(M17), The winter sky's Great Orion Nebula(M42) in Constellation Orion, and the beautiful Rosette Nebula in Constellation Monoceros which takes on the appearance of blooming.

The classical Newtonian optical design of this Reflector Telescope by Sky-Watcher utilizes a parabolic shaped primary mirror, and an ellipse shaped diagonal mirror suspended by a holder and vane assembly in the front of the optical tube. The diagonal mirror projects the image through an opening in the optical tube to the observing position at the focuser-assembly. The tube length of a classic reflector telescope is longer than that of of a Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope because the Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope folds the focal length back on itself. Unlike the upright terrestrial image orientation provided by refractors and mirror-lens reflectors, the classic Newtonian presents images upside-down. However, this is perfectly acceptable for astronomical use where directional orientation is relative. The powerful advantage of the Newtonian design is lower cost. Compared to a refractor or mirror-lens design of equal aperture, a Newtonian provides higher resolution per dollar invested.

Specifications for: Sky-Watcher 254N EQ5 PRO Telescope S11650

Shipping Weight:  131 lbs.
Optical Design:  Newtonian(Parabolic)
Lens Material:  Mirrors: Low Thermal Expansion Glass
Aperture(Diameter):  254mm
Focal Length:  1200mm
F-Ratio:  F/4.7
Secondary Mirror Diameter:  58mm
Highest Practical Power:  354x
Faintest Stellar Magnitude:  14.2
Resolving Power:  .54 arc sec
Finderscope:  8x50 Viewfinder
Focuser Diameter:  2", 1.25" adapter
Diagonal:  Internal
Eyepiece(s):  1.25" Super Plossl 32mm and 10mm
Mount Type:  Equatorial
Slow Motion Control:  Computer micro-slewing
Counterweight(s):  3 x 11lb
Accessory Tray:  Standard
Ground Board Diameter:  N/A
Ground Board Weight(s):  N/A
Motor Drive:  Micro-step stepper
Go-To:  SynScan
Tube Weight:  27.2lb
Tube Dimension(dia. x length):  45" long
Tripod Height:  34" to 40"

Features of Sky Watcher 254N EQ5 PRO Newtonian Reflector Telescope

  • Offers amazing light gathering capability
  • The optical tube comes with attachment hardware that allows it to be securely fastened to the mount
  • Equatorial body is cast from virgin aluminum and powder coated in classic scientific instrument white
  • Includes the revolutionary SynScan Computer Controller

Package Contents:

  • Sky Watcher 254N EQ5 PRO Newtonian Reflector Telescope S11650

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Sky Watcher 254N EQ5 PRO Newtonian Reflector Telescope S11650, MPN: S11650, UPC: 812556010538, Code: UW-TS-S11650

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Helpful Positive Review Solid with large aperture by Legacy Reviewer, March 28, 2010
While heavy to move, set-up is actually not bad. I move it in pieces. So it is far from a grab-n-go! Good image clarity until very near to the edge of the field of view. Good collimation is a must, but is acheived with relative ease. When proper...
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