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Smith Intake combines style and performance in a family of medium sized motocross goggles. This line of motorcycle goggles from Smith Optics is based in motocross and enduro riding. Smith Optics Intake goggles feature a range of styles to fit your preference, and custom technologies to ensure comfort and performance. Smith motorsport goggles come standard with

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mounting posts for Smith roll offs and tear offs. Smith Intake goggles are a crucial part of any rider's ATV gear.

Interchangeable goggle lenses allow you to change the look and view of your Smith goggles at will. The Smith Intake Goggles family features a wide variety of replacement lenses. The interchangeable lens system of Smith Intake goggles means your enduro goggles will always look and perform like new. Smith goggle lenses are made with a range of custom anti-fog technologies, from double-pane lenses to fog free coatings. When a goggle lens becomes worn, simply switch it out for a new Smith goggle replacement lens. Smith goggle lenses are available for the Smith Intake line in many colors, tints and options, including polarizing lenses, mirrored finishes and faded tints. Combined with an array of stylish custom graphics, the Smith Intake is made tailored to your personal style.

Smith Intake goggles are loaded with high tech design and customizable comfort features. The Smith Optics Articulating Outrigger Positioning System features outriggers strategically positioned to transfer pressure evenly, creating a complete seal around the face for a comfortable and consistent goggle fit. Smith goggles are made with Fast Absorption Technology (F.A.T.) for maximum sweat management and long-lasting comfort. Smith Optic hypoallergenic face foams keep out mud, dust and water, and eliminates annoying sweat splatter. Smith Intake gives you customized fit and versatility so you can focus on your riding and not worry about your goggles.

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