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When it comes to apparel, one of the most overlooked clothing items is socks. The foot is a big sweat producer and in the summer, it's capable of producing over 1 US pint of perspiration per day. Socks help absorb the sweat and help the perspiration evaporate in the air. In the cold, socks can help you against frostbite and keep your feet feeling warm. Keeping this in mind, socks serve different purposes and we sell for a large variety of needs. Here are some types we carry.

Crew Socks: Short, versatile everyday socks that covers the top of your ankle. Crew socks are unisex and have a ribbed top.

Boot Socks: As the name suggests, these socks are best paired with boots. Boot socks are long, thick, warm and provides comfort for cold weather. These socks can be stylish and are often knitted with different styles.

Ski Socks: Tall, soft and more expensive than athletic socks. Ski socks are made of wool or synthetic fibers and have moisture wicking properties.

Cotton: Cheap, lightweight and good for casual wear. It can't match up to wool socks when it comes to insulation but it's the most widely warm sock.

Wool: Perfect for outdoorsy types as wool socks are thick, keeps you insulated and hardy.


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