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SOL, or Survive Outdoors Longer, is a brand focused on delivering essential survival gear and tools for those that enjoy being outdoors and want to make sure that if an emergency were to happen, they are prepared for it. If you are injured, lost, or trapped outdoors, basically SOL, then you can rely on high quality gear from SOL to keep you alive while the rescue teams look for you.

Outdoor Survival Tips:

  • Plan your trip
  • Let family members and rangers know of your trip plan
  • Stay close to the route that you shared with others
  • Always have survival gear and first aid kits with you, even on short trips

Know the area where you live - weather conditions, terrain, and natural occurrences. If you live in a high risk area (tornadoes, snow storms, long stretches of wilderness, etc), then you absolutely must have a SOL survival pack such as the Origin in your car and in your pack at all times. SOL survival gear provides essentials to keep you warm, to start a fire, catch basic food, and to signal rescue teams. Don't be caught of guard when you're SOL - get SOL survival gear.

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