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Innovative Digital Tools for Every Toolbox. is one of the world's largest Sonin Electronic Tool Distributors, and we carry the complete line of excellent Sonin Tools: the smartest way to save time, eliminate costly mistakes and get the job done.The Sonin Electronic Measuring Tools spans calculating, distance measuring, leveling, and moisture sensing and testing tools. Sonin offers four of the most technically advanced hand held ultrasonic distance measuring tools on the market today. Sonin's family of Electronic Distance Measuring Tools begins with the Sonin Multi-Measure 45 Measurement Tool and progresses up to the dual unit Sonin Multi-Measure Combo PRO Measure Tool . Sonin Digital Tools take the guesswork out of distance measuring!

Moisture sensing and testing includes the Sonin Water Alarm with remote sensor used to guard against leaks and overflows and the Sonin Moisture Test Meter used to measure the moisture content of wood and other materials. Sonin Construction Calculators - Sonin InchMate Plus, Sonin Inch Mate Pro, and Sonin InchMate 2000 - are foot/inch/fraction, metric conversion calculators. Given any two variables - rise, run, diagonal or slope - they automatically solve the other two. They calculate and convert between feet/inches/fractions, inches/fractions, decimal feet or meters. Every Sonin product will offer high quality, performance, appearance and superior value to its owner.

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