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SPORTRX has been providing Sport-RX goggles and Sport RX sunglasses for the motorcyclist and action sport enthusiast for many years.

Over the years SportRX has developed and perfected INNOVATIVE techniques that minimize wrap distortion while placing your prescription from directly into sunglasses and goggles. SportRX opticians with the assistance of SportRX large database can help you find the right frame for your particular activity.

Wearing everyday glasses or fashions sunglasses is no longer an option for most motorcycle and sports enthusiasts as it does not provide the necessary protection from wind, dust and debris as well as glare and direct sunlight. Sports enthusiasts require a lot more, particularly as far as safety is concerned and SportRX opticians will provide the best direction in frame and lens technology for your specific sport.

Customized prescription goggles and sunglasses allow you to choose the latest, coolest, and best looking styles for motorcycling and every other sport.

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