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From the beach to the streets to the club and back again - Spy Optic Prescription Sunglasses give you a stylish look and impeccable optical performance. Spy Rx Sunglasses are now available with the sharpest, most precise lenses on the market today, custom crafted with the SPYDigitalRX system. You'll look cooler and see clearer than ever before with Spy Optic Rx Shades, built with Digital Lens Technology.

Our Spy Prescription Sunglasses are 100% genuine, and come complete with custom lenses crafted and installed by Spy Optic's own eyewear lab, using the latest in digital technology. Don't skimp - get authentic Spy Rx here.

Spy Optic never does the one-size-fits-all thing. Nope, with the SPYDigital Free Form Lens system, you'll get custom-created prescription lenses with no optical distortion, no tunnel effects or aberrations, and a flatter lens surface that keeps your Rx shades lighter and sleeker. Every curve, every layer, every coating that goes into your Spy Prescription Sunglasses has been carefully considered at every stage, from conception to construction. Every pair of lenses is finished off with the SPY Super A/R Coating, an advanced hydrophoboic, oleophobic, UV and hard multi-coating - that means water will splash right off your lenses, oil and dirt won't be an issue, UV rays will go away and scratches will be a thing of the past. The Super AR Coating brings a precisely honed technology to protect your Spy Optic Rx Sunglasses, 24/7.

SPY Rx Sunglasses are available with Clear, Photocromatic (light/dark) Transitions VI, Polararized gray or brown lenses. Choose between three different lens materials: Clear & Crisp Plastic, Poly for active wear or Ultra Thin 1.67 for High Rx's. Whether you need Spy Single Vision or Spy Progressive eyeglasses - you'll be getting the absolute best vision possible with SPYDigitalRX!

Spy Optic Prescription Sunglasses

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