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OpticsPlanet Inc. presents a comprehensive line of Starlight Cases Boxes. We sell Starlight Cases products and other quality name brands for the best prices online. All our Star light Cases and other dry boxes are on sale. All sales exceeding $49 get Free Shipping. You can feel confident ordering from OpticsPlanet Inc. because all cases for sale are brand new and backed by a full warranty and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We carry a wide selection of gun storage and protective cases by Starlight Cases and Starlight Cases accessories.

All Starlight Cases Boxes feature:

  • Provides optimal protection to hundreds of items including firearms, night vision scopes and goggles, medical instruments, dig-cams, cameras and laptops.
  • Been tested watertight-airtight to 400'
  • Survived a drop from a five story building with only surface scratches
  • Been blasted by a 27,000 psi water cannon
  • Survived thousands of Military Applications all over the world
  • Exceeds Military Standard MIL-C 4150J testing procedures.
  • Starlight Cases' far exceeds Air Transport Assoc. Specification 300 requirements
  • Specially formulated polymer resin
  • Lightweight with superior strength
  • Designed to exceed military standard C-4150
  • Airtight, watertight "O" ring seal
  • Pressure equalizer valve
  • Strength contoured, stackable interlocking design
  • User friendly "Hex-A-Pluk" foam
  • Far exceed all ATA requirements
  • Injection Molded For Superior Strength
  • -65F to + 165F temperature range
  • Floating Capacity to 175 lbs.
  • Dent proof
  • Rust Proof, Spring loaded handle
  • Rust Proof and Chemical Resistant
  • Molded Holes for Locking
  • Superior strength - virtually indestructible
  • Optional Wheel Kits

Starlight Cases exceed the following testing requirements of military standard MIL-C-4150J for advanced applications:

  • Drop Test: The drop test was conducted with the cases conditioned from -65 degrees F to +165 degrees F and then dropped 40" onto a steel plate with 6" of cement backing. The cases were loaded with 20 lbs. of lead weight then dropped on every corner, edge, and face a total of 26 times. At no time did the cases show damage other than surface scratches.
  • Leak Test: This test is conducted in conjunction with the drop test. After passing the low and high temperature drop tests, the cases were subjected to a leak test in 160 degree F hot water. At this temperature the case will have 4 psi pressure inside. It was submerged for three minutes at this temperature with no leakage. Under normal temperature conditions, using our pressure equalization valve, the pressure inside the case is greater than the pressure outside. This insures no leakage. The U.S. Navy tested the Starlight Case 6x10x16 to 100' in depth (40+psi) at the White Oak Weapon Station in Maryland and the case did not leak.
  • Weight Test: The same case was then subjected to a stack of cases that have weight in them so the combined weight on the bottom case exceeds 600 lbs. The case passed the test with no deformation of the case when the weight was removed.
  • Fungus Resistance: The Starlight Case could not support or promote any fungus growth during a 28 day test where various spores of different variety were tested to determine if the box would support or produce any fungus growth. None occurred.
  • Environmental Requirements: The case was subject to a two week diurnal test in where the case was placed in a humid environment and the temperature was cycled to determine if any condensation would take place in the case. None occurred.
  • Rust Test: The spring loaded handles on the boxes by Starlight Cases are zinc-plated and then black oxidized so they will not rust. They have been certified to pass the 100-hour salt spray test. This is the equivalent to placing the handle in salt water for 10 years. No rust occurred.

Our store carry 11 different sizes of Starlight Cases:

OpticsPlanet Inc. offer Starlight Cases Tool Box SC-181524 - 4 drawer toolbox made from a high tech polyolefin that is virtually "INDESTRUCTIBLE". Also we offer a wide selection of box accessories. For reviewing dry box accessories for Starlight Cases Dry Boxes visit Starlight Cases Dry Boxes Accessories section.