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Steiner NightHunter Binoculars let you see what others miss, in the shadows or even in nearly total darkness. These Steiner binoculars deliver unparalleled low light performance. The Nighthunter XP High Definition (HD) hunting optics lens coating makes them literally the brightest night binoculars made anywhere. Do you want to see what others missed?

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Do you want to see better in the dark? The Nighthunter XP is for you! Nighthunter XP technology sets a new standard in brightness for hunting binoculars, to let you see in almost impossible low light conditions.The new Night Hunter XP Binocular now feature water repelling, anti fog NANO-Protection lenses on the outer objective lens and ocular lenses to prevent adhesion of water and moisture to the lens surface, greatly reducing fogging so water and snow just slide off of the binoculars optics. These rugged waterproof binoculars are fully submersible; they are purged and uniquely over-pressurized with Nitrogen to 7 psi, making them ideal marine binoculars.

The Nighthunter XP Binoculars incorporate an auto focus system. Once set for the user's eyes, the binocular keeps all objects in focus at distances from approximately 20 yards to infinity. Because of the greater depth of field in the Steiner custom Porro prism design, the automatic focus feature allows the observer to pre-focus at a selected distance in twilight and know that the binoculars will remain in focus, in dim light, when it would be impossible to focus the binocular in a normal manner. You won't have to worry about focusing in low light: the binoculars image will be in focus once initially set for your eyes. The internal stray light reducing baffle system makes the binoculars brighter than any other low light binoculars.

All Steiner Night Hunter Binoculars are built for several lifetimes of rugged use, constructed to U.S. mil spec standards for shock, fog, and waterproof performance, and include a 30-year limited warranty. We further back up everything in our online store with our own 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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