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Stellarvue Telescopes get used a lot, because they're incredibly easy to use! Stellarvue specializes in making hand crafted telescopes of exceptional mechanical and optical quality. Each Stellarvue telescope is easy to set up and immediately use. All of their 80 - 190 mm Stellarvue telescopes are assembled in their Auburn, California facility and triple tested including a star test to ensure the optics are the best. Stellar Vue uses proprietary optical lenses which provide exceptional wide field and high power performance. Find out for yourself why so many Stellar Vue Telescope owners agree: Seeing is believing.

StellarVue telescopes utilize exceptional optics. Stellarvue strives to maintain the highest quality components and keep prices low. Each StellarView Telescope is personally star tested by Vic Maris. Optical and mechanical parts are warrantied and they make sure 100% customer satisfaction is met. Stellarvue telescopes are built like a tank and will usually survives if dropped. Stellarvue will repair their Telescopes whether they are returned during the warranty period or after. Vic Maris is committed to making sure that all Stellarvue instruments operate as they should. That is because they really do care about their customers and nothing sells a Stellarvue telescope than the telescopes themselves. Stellarvue scopes are ambassadors for the brand - and we want them to operate to spec when any anyone shows them off.

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