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Streamlight flashlights are incredibly durable, amazingly bright illumination solutions for professionals and casual users all over the world. The spectacular performance of a Streamlight Flashlight comes not only from brightness, but also the uniquely tailored design that allows a these lights to give you exactly the performance you want and need. Streamlight listens to their customers and always considers their needs when designing their flashlights. Shooters love the insane versatility of the Streamlight TLR line, which provide a powerful lighting solution for a number of different firearms. Flashlights by Streamlight can be used for a ton of applications. Streamlight solves problems that many other flashlight manufacturers ignore or don't even notice. This focus on innovation and constant improvement has led to Streamlight winning government contracts and exclusive deals with many companies and independent authorities. We are very happy to be able to provide a wide selection of outstanding Streamlight Flashlights.

Power: The power of a Streamlight Flashlight comes from the extraordinary brightness of the lightbulb, whether that bulb is a xenon, krypton, halogen or LED bulb. Many Streamlight lights are rechargeable as well, and they're some of the most powerful rechargeables on the market today.

STRENGTH: Streamlight understands that their flashlights are often used in extreme situations and that durability is key to success. Because of this they've put a tremendous amount of time into studying the best methods of strengthening flashlights and developing new materials and designs to add toughness. Many of the cases of a Streamlight Flashlight are made from a polymer that is nearly indestructible.

RELIABILITY: Along with strength against shock, Streamlight Flashlights are going to give you consistent performance for years and years. Reliability is an absolute must-have for any professional, especially those who trust their lives on a flashlight, so Streamlight has made every effort to make sure their lights are of the highest quality. Every Streamlight Flashlight is tested before it leaves their factory.

UNIVERSAL CHARGING CORDS: One of the nicest things about owning a Streamlight Rechargeable Flashlight is the cords are interchangeable. Unlike some manufacturers that have specific cords for each model, Streamlight has made it easy to charge your flashlight by allowing you to use a single cord for multiple devices. So you could keep one flashlight recharging cord at work and one at home and be able to charge where ever you are.

HAZARDOUS LOCATION RATINGS: One of the challenges of buying a flashlight for many professions is the approval standards in place by organizations such as fire departments or search and rescue companies. Streamlight understands this and has developed many of their flashlights to meet these strict regulations. For example, the Streamlight Fire Vulcan, though fantastic for a number of different applications, is intended for use by fire fighters.

SERIAL NUMBERS: As Streamlight Flashlights are so often used on the job, it's important to be able to easily identify and register the light, which is why most lights by Streamlight are individually numbered.

DUAL FILAMENT BULBS:For added reliability, some Streamlight Flashlights feature dual filament bulbs to allow for switching to a backup in case one bulb blows in a dangerous situation where light is needed constantly.

LIGHT WEIGHT:Some Streamlight Flashlights have been designed to give customers the option of a heavier aluminum body or a lighter polymer body. These polymer bodies have come along so far in strength and lightness that many prefer them to the traditional and trusted strength of aluminum. Some prefer the extra weight, but it can slow you down, so consider your needs before buying.

PRE-FOCUSED MODULES: One issue some police officers run into is focusing the light from their flashlight quickly and easily. For this reason Streamlight developed their Pre-Focused Module Flashlights. These lights give you the absolute maximum of light output right from the box. Pre-Focused Streamlight Flashlights give the same great performance as their other lights, but with the simplicity and maximized performance without need for further adjustment.

WATERPROOF: As Streamlight Flashlights are intended for use in real-life situations they need to be able to stand up to more than just a few bumps. They also need to resist water and moisture without issue. So many Streamlight Flashlights are waterproof.

LED TECHNOLOGY: Though Streamlight's normal halogen bulbs give off an incredible amount of light and have been optimized to prolong battery life, those models that come with an LED bulb are even tougher and conserve energy even better. More and more Streamlight Flashlights come in either an LED or a halogen model so that you can choose the style you want for greatest success.

Streamlight Flashlights

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