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SureFire Millennium Universal System WeaponLights are constructed of aerospace-grade, hard-anodized (Mil-A-8625 Type III Class 2) aluminum. Like all SureFire WeaponLights, SureFire Millennium Universal Weaponlight Systems feature the highest degree of shock-isolation to ensure maximum reliability in combat situations.

SureFire Millennium Universal WeaponLights
Dual Thumbscrew Mount / M49 M951XM07, M951UM07, M961XM07, M961UM07, M971XM07, M971UM07, M981XM07, M981UM07
Swan Lever Throw Mount / M50 M952XMxx, M952UMxx, M962XMxx, M962UMxx, M972XMxx, M972UMxx, M982XMxx, M982UMxx
SureFire MU Hybrid Leopard Weaponlights Systems
1" Riflescope 1251-10
30mm Riflescope 1252-10


The six- and nine-volt flashlights in SureFire Millennium Universal Tactical Light System (MU System) attach to Picatinny Rail interface-equipped shoulder-fired weapons via either a built-in A.R.M.S. throw-lever mount or a dual thumbscrew mount. Sure-Fire shock-isolated weapon light systems are modular and components are interchangeable, permitting rapid field conversion to the desired light output, bezel size and switch configuration. The bezel, lamp and tailcap are interchangeable with SureFire's Special Operations Series of Surefire handheld flashlights, allowing for expedient field swapping of parts. Shure fire MU System WeaponLights are finished in durable MilSpec hard anodizing (Mil-A-8625 Type III Class 2), and can also accommodate a SureFire laser, as well as a variety of SureFire lamp modules, including a beam-focusing 2.5" SureFire TurboHead reflector. The SureFire Flashlight MU System is currently in use with U.S. Special Forces.

SureFire M95 MU Weaponlight System SureFire Weaponlight M95-Series Six-volt systems powered by two lithium batteries and providing 65 lumens for one-hour of runtime or 120 lumens for 20 minutes using an optional ultra-high output lamp assembly. Surefire Weapon Lights supplied with a 1.47" diameter bezel.
SureFire M96 MU Weapon Light System SureFire M96-Series Gun Mount Light Nine-volt systems powered by three lithium batteries and providing 125 lumens for one-hour of runtime or 225 lumens for 20 minutes using the included ultra-high output lamp assembly. Surefire weaponlights supplied with a 1.62" diameter bezel.

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