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The instinct to survive is in our blood. For centuries, it has fueled us to find food, water, fire and shelter, no matter what the situation may be. However survival hinges on more than just the skills to satisfy basic needs. True survival requires preparation and resourcefulness, and compiling the right plan and proper gear well before the going gets tough. It's having the capacity to expect the worst and be ready for when it happens. Whether a dead car battery leaves you trapped in a snowstorm, or misreading a trail map leaves you alone, lost and hungry in the backcountry, being prepared with the right survival equipment can make the ultimate difference in an emergency situation.

OpticsPlanet carries knives & multi-tools, fire starters, water purification devices, first-aid, bag & backpacks and even our own handpicked survival kits to ensure you have the tools you need when things don't go according to plan. Whether a hurricane, tornado, snowstorm, earthquake or WWIII, we have you covered with the survival gear and expert "know-how" to keep you and your family safe.

Oh, and for those worried about the pending Zombie Apocalypse (and that have an extra $23,999 in the bank), we even offer a Z.E.R.O. Zombie Kit to save your behind from the undead!

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