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Suunto Core Altimeter Watch - Sahara Yellow SS016789000
$198.49 $299.00 Save 34%
Band/Strap Color: Sahara Yellow
Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS016789000
MPN: SS016789000
UPC: 045235904785
Suunto Core Altimeter Watch - Yellow Crush SS018809000
$209.99 $299.00 Save 30%
Band/Strap Color: Yellow
Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS018809000
MPN: SS018809000
UPC: 045235906826
Suunto Core Altimeter Watch - Dusk Gray SS020344000
price too low to show $299.00
Band/Strap Color: Dusk Gray
Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS020344000
MPN: SS020344000
UPC: 045235909247
Suunto Suunto Core Green Crush, Green SS019163000
price too low to show $299.00
Band/Strap Color: Green
Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS019163000
MPN: SS019163000
UPC: 045235908394
Suunto Core Altimeter Watch - Blue Crush SS018731000
price too low to show $299.00
Band/Strap Color: Blue
Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS018731000
MPN: SS018731000
UPC: 045235906925
Suunto Core Altimeter Watch - All Black Military SS014279010
Band/Strap Color: All Black Military
Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS014279010
MPN: SS014279010
UPC: 045235900657
Suunto Suunto Core Violet Crush, Violet SS019167000
Band/Strap Color: Violet
Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS019167000
MPN: SS019167000
UPC: 045235908417
Suunto Core Altimeter Watch - Glacier Gray SS016636000
Band/Strap Color: Black
Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS016636000
MPN: SS016636000
UPC: 045235903900
Suunto Core Altimeter Watch - Regular Black SS014809000
Band/Strap Color: Regular Black
Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS014809000
MPN: SS014809000
UPC: 045235901104
Suunto Core Altimeter Watch - Red Crush SS018810000
Band/Strap Color: Red
Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS018810000
MPN: SS018810000
UPC: 045235906833
Suunto Core Altimeter Watch - ALU Deep Black SS018734000
Band/Strap Color: Deep Black
Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS018734000
MPN: SS018734000
UPC: 045235906956
Suunto Core Altimeter Watch - ALU Pure White SS018735000
Band/Strap Color: Pure White
Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS018735000
MPN: SS018735000
UPC: 045235906963
Suunto Core Altimeter Watch - Brushed Steel Sapphire Crystal SS020339000
Band/Strap Color: Brushed Steel Sapphire Crystal
Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS020339000
MPN: SS020339000
UPC: 045235909223
Suunto Core Altimeter Watch - Alu Black SS014280010
$500.00 $550.00 Save $50.00
Band/Strap Color: Black
Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS014280010
MPN: SS014280010
UPC: 045235900664
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Suunto Core Watch w/ Altimeter and Compass Product Info

The Suunto Core Digital Compass Outdoor Watch comes in a range of stylish design options and is the only training partner you need. Building on the success of the venerableimage Suunto Vector Watch, the Suunto Core Altimeter Watch keeps you informed with several useful tools, including a compass, altimeter, barometer, digital thermometer, Weather Trend Indicator. This Suunto Watch has a rotating bezel compass for traditional use, or a one-touch function that allows you to sight, lock and follow a bearing. Daily functions include dual time, date, alarm, sports chronograph and predicted times for sunrise and sunset. The Suunto Core Digital Watch w/ Altimeter and Compass has several intelligent features that can help you make consistently good decisions, such as the Storm Alarm. You look up and see stars, but your watch sees an approaching squall, and thanks to Storm Alarm, it lets you know. The barometer / altimeter pressure gauge that Suunto has installed in the Core operates in four distinct modes, including an automatic setting that senses your movement or lack thereof, switching between altimeter and barometer accordingly. The Suunto Core Compass Watch provides scrolling lap times, and has an operating temperature of -20°C to +60°C (-5°F to +140°F).

Suunto SS018809000: Core Yellow Crush Watch
Suunto SS020344000: Core Altimeter Watch - Dusk Gray
Suunto SS019163000: Suunto Core Green Crush, Green
Suunto SS018731000: Core Blue Crush Watch
Suunto SS018810000: Core Red Crush Watch
Suunto SS019167000: Suunto Core Violet Crush, Violet
Suunto SS018734000: Core ALU Deep Black Watch
Suunto SS018735000: Core ALU Pure White Watch
Suunto SS020339000: Core Altimeter Watch - Brushed Steel Sapphire Crystal

Specifications for Suunto Core Compass Watch:

Temperature compensation: Yes
Total Ascent Descent: Yes
Resolution: 1m
Altitude range: -500m - 9000m/-1600ft - 29500ft
Logbook function: Yes
Stopwatch: Yes
Scrolling of lap times: Yes
Max number of split times in memory: 10
Interval trainer: Yes
Operating temperature: -20°C - +60°C/-5°F - +140°F
Water resistance: 30m/100ft
Storage temperature: -30°C - +60°C/-22°F - +140°F
Selectable metric/imperial units: Yes
Menu-based user interface: Yes
Backlight type: Electro-luminescent Display
Low battery warning: Yes
User replaceable battery: Yes
Calendar clock: Yes
Daily alarms: 1
Absolute barometric pressure: Yes
Temperature resolution: 1°C/1°F
Temperature: Yes
Barometer resolution 0,05 in Hg/1 mbar: Yes
Barometer range 8,9 -32,4 inHg/300-1100 mbar: Yes

Features of Suunto Core OutDoor Sport Watch:

  • Altitude log
  • Menu in English, German, French and Spanish
  • Button lock
  • Quick exit button
  • Multiple watch, date and alarm functions
  • User replaceable battery
  • Semi-automatic compass calibration
  • Altimeter: Difference Measurement / Start from 0, Logbook, Automatic Mode
  • Barometer: Storm Alarm, Weather Trend Indicator, Weather Graph
  • Compass: Rotating Bezel, Digital Bearing, Easy Calibration
  • Depth Measurement: Maximum Depth 10 m
  • Watch: Sunrise/Sunset Time, Dual Time, Countdown
  • Other: Button Lock, 4 Language Menu

Package Contents:

  • Suunto Core Outdoors Watch

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Suunto Core Altimeter Watch - Light Green SS013318010, MPN: SS013318010, UPC: 045235402250, Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS013318010
Suunto Core Altimeter Watch - Lava Red SS016788000, MPN: SS016788000, UPC: 045235904778, Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS016788000
Suunto Core Altimeter Watch - Orange Black SS015914000, MPN: SS015914000, UPC: 045235903115, Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS015914000
Suunto Core Altimeter Watch - Elastomer Strap, Aluminum Lugs, Black Orange, MPN: SS013317010, UPC: 045235402274, Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS013317010
Suunto Core Altimeter Watch - Light Black SS013316010, MPN: SS013316010, UPC: 045235402267, Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS013316010
Suunto Core Altimeter Watch - Leather Straps, Aluminum Lugs, Alu Brown, MPN: SS013319010, UPC: 045235402281, Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS013319010
Suunto Core Altimeter Watch - Alu Light SS015916000, MPN: SS015916000, UPC: 045235903139, Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS015916000
Suunto Core Altimeter Watch - Alu Alu Aluminum Case, Bezel, Bracelet with Lugs, MPN: SS014443010, UPC: 045235900886, Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS014443010
Suunto Core Altimeter Watch - Stainless Steel, Aluminum Lugs, MPN: SS013311010, UPC: 045235402298, Code: XU-WT-CoreABC-SS013311010

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Helpful Positive Review Nice watch by Legacy Reviewer, March 16, 2012
Great watch, not cheap but worth the money. Very light weight Pros: Light, easy Cons: None yet
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Most Recent Review like watch suunto by Legacy Reviewer, March 20, 2012
i love suunto
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