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Product Discontinued by Manufacturer

Suunto D4 Diver Watch w/ 4 Operating Modes has been discontinued by Suunto and is no longer available. Our product experts have helped us select these available replacements below. You can also explore other items in the Watches category yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

Suunto D4 Diver Watch w/ 4 Operating Modes Product Info

Suunto D4 Diver Watch is all about enjoying your diving experience. The Suunto D-4 Dive Watch is a full-decompression diving watch designed by Suunto to put information, ease of use, and style first. Ideal for the beginner or advanced diver, the Suunto D4 Dive Computer provides wealth of information, with four operating modes including Freediving, Time, Air and Nitrox. Standard functions of this Suunto watch include your current time, dive time and decompression time; the Suunto D4 Diving Computer also includes dive planning and analysis functions and a log book memory function.

With its innovative freedive functions and dedicated Freedive Mode, the Suunto D 4 Dive Computer Watch is perfect if you're serious about breath-hold diving. Programmed to sample depth three times a second, Suunto D4 Divers Computer records highly accurate data on the true depth reached. Surface time and depth alarms help you make responsible decisions both in and out of the water. In both Air and Nitrox Modes, the clear, easy-to-read screen can display your current and maximum depth, current time, dive time, and decompression time; and temperature. Audible and visual depth and time alarms warn you when it's time to start your ascent. In Nitrox Mode, you can increase your time underwater by adjusting the oxygen content of your gas between 21% and 50% and adjust your PO2 limit between 0.5 and 1.6 bar. Like other advanced Suunto dive computers, the Suunto D4 Wrist Dive Computer uses the Suunto RGBM algorithm for decompression calculations. It also allows you to choose between taking traditional safety stops or, with the Deep Stops feature activated, taking your safety stops at depth. Before diving, the no-stop-time planner helps you prepare for your dive. Enter the planned maximum depth of your dive, and Suunto D4 Watch will tell you how long you can dive before needing a decompression stop. After diving you can instantly review all the data in the logbook. Suunto D4 Digital Watch is also compatible with the optional Suunto Dive Manager PC software, which provides more in-depth analysis and graphical representation of all your dives.

Suunto D-4 comes with a scratch guard that helps to protect the display against scratching. And you can mix and match your look with Suunto D4 dive computer straps. The new colorful selection of straps include blue, yellow, pink, or black - your choice when you purchase your dive computer. If you already have a Suunto D4, the straps can also be purchased as individual accessories making it easy to choose the style that suits you best. So next time you make a splash in the water, be sure to add a splash of color to your diving gear as well.

The Suunto D4 is a great choice for those who value functionality and ease of use in their diving equipment. Whether you're on your well-earned annual dive holiday or honing your freediving skills, Suunto D4 keeps you informed and aware every meter of the way.

In addition to the Suunto D-4 Waterproof Watches, we carry a full line of Suunto Watches as well as other product offerings from Suunto. We also carry a full line of Suunto Watch Accessories to help meet your diving needs. For more brand name Watches, please visit our watch page.

Specifications for Suunto D4 Diver Watch:

Diving Mode:
Log book memory: Yes
Personal adjustement: Yes
Suunto RGBM decompression model: Yes
Safety stop: Yes
Temperature display: Yes
Deep Stops: Yes
Dive time in seconds: in free mode
Operation mode Nitrox: Yes
Profile sampling rates in seconds: 1,10,20,30,60s
Dive planner: Yes
Lifetime history Scuba: Yes
Lifetime history Freedive: Yes
Operation mode Watch: Yes
Altitude adjustment: Yes
Consumed bottom time graph: Yes
Ascent rate monitor/alarm: Yes
Ascent time display: Up to 99 min
Audible alarm: Yes
Full decompression data: Yes
Maximum depth alarm: Yes
Maximum depth display: 100m/328ft
Operation mode Air: Yes
Operation mode Free: Yes
Nitrox Mode
CNS% + OTU calculation (OLF): Yes
Max PO2 adjustment: 0.5-1.6
O2 % setting: 21-50%
Physical stats
Weight: 84 g
Operating temperature: 0°C - +40°C/32°F - +104°F
Water resistance: 100m/328ft
Storage temperature: -20°C - +50°C/-4°F - +122°F
Selectable metric/imperial units: Yes
Mineral crystal glass: Yes
Menu-based user interface: Yes
Dot-matrix display: Yes
Backlight type: Electro-luminescent Display
Adjustable backlight duration: Yes
PC Software name: Suunto Dive Manager
Battery power indicator: Yes
Low battery warning: Yes
12/24h: Yes
Calendar clock: Yes
Dual time: Yes
Chronograph / Stopwatch: Yes
Daily alarms : 1

Features of Suunto Diver Computer Wrist Watch:

  • 4 operating modes (Air, Nitrox, Free and Time)
  • Glass face, display shield, and lightweight composite housing
  • Lifetime histroy memory (Scuba and Free dive)
  • Available with black, blue, pink or yellow straps
  • Surface time and notified alarm (free dive mode)
  • Comes with a scratch guard

Package Contents:

  • Suunto D4 Diving Computer Watch

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