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Introducing the new Swarovski Binoculars series Swarovski Crystal Pocket Binoculars. The Swarovski Crystal Pocket Binoculars are the result of an innovative union between Swarovski Optik technology and Swarovski fashion expertise, under the creative direction of Rosemarie Le Gallais. The design of these Swarovski Crystal Pocket Binoculars creates an aesthetic alliance between innovative optics and stylish elegance and satisfies the highest ergonomic requirements at the same time. The shapely housing of these Swarovski Crystal Pocket Binoculars, studded with selected Swarovski Crystals, turns these Swarovski Binoculars into an exclusive eye catcher. The design of the Swarovski Crystal Pocket Binoculars sparkles with the extra special light effects imparted their maximum brilliance and multi-faceted reflection. Don't forget to check out our wide collection of Swarovski crystals!

The Swarovski Crystals are used in a lot of products, which range from crystal sculptures and miniatures, jewelry and couture, home decor, chandeliers, and beads and rhinestones for manufacturers and artists.

Swarovski designs Swarovski Crystals with great emphasis on color refraction. In order to allow Swaroski Crystals to refract light in a rainbow spectrum, the Swarovski Crystals are coated with special chemical coatings. This creates the ability to control the appearance of the crystal. For example the AB coating, wich stands for Aurora Boralis, gives the surface a "rainbow oil slick appearance". An object is only coated by 50%, although some objects are coated twice. Those Swarovski Crystals that are coated twice are designated as such, for example: AB 2X, Dorado 2X etc.

These Swarovski Crystal Pocket Binoculars are perfect opera glasses. Boasting elegant design, the Swarovski Crystal Pocket Binoculars will add great style to your outfit when using them as theatre binoculars. These Swarovski Crystal Pocket Theater Glasses are small enough to fit in a purse, while having a strong 8x magnification which will bring you straight into the middle of the stage. The 20mm objective lens diameter on these Swarovski Crystal Pocket Theater Binoculars allows enough light to come in for a bright image, but does not make these swarovski crystal pocket binoculars large and bulky.