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More about our Swarovski crystals

The company was founded by a man by the name of Daniel Swarovski who grew up in an Austrian Monarchy. He patented a device in 1892 that was designed to cut glass a specific way. The range of Swarovski crystal products has varied over the years. From their sculptures and miniatures to the swarovski jewelry, couture lines and even chandeliers. Authentic Swarovski crystals are all marked with the swan logo, which was initiated around 1988.

Around 2007 Swarovski decided on taking on a partnership with Philips, in which they were able to produce electronics with crystals by Swarovski. Since then the line has expanded into a varying number of industries.

The Swarovski family provides designers and a varied number of other jewelry makers further information to help keep up the brand name. There are a number of figurines that are highly sought after for not just their quality but the fact that there is a very few number of them. The swarovski crystal has been around for decades and the name now and always has, stood for quality. Consumers know that when they are buying a swarovski product, like a swarovski binocular or maybe a swarovski rifle scope, they are getting the sharpest and best optics available on the market. Nothing beats a Swarovski!