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Model: LC Industries Cyalume - 4in 6 hours 100/box Orange 801834
Code: LV-FL-CYLME4IN-801834
MPN: 801834
$123.99 $135.89 Save $11.90
Model: LC Industries Cyalume - 4in 6 hours 100/box Green 701227
Code: LV-FL-CYLME4IN-701227
MPN: 701227
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Model: LC Industries Cyalume - 4in 8 hours 100/box IR 702724
Code: LV-FL-CYLME4IN-702724
MPN: 702724

LC Industries 4" Cyalume 100/box Product Info

LC Industries 4" Cyalume on sale and available on our online store. You wouldn't want to be on the side of the road without a cyalume lightstick. LCI Chem Lights are non-toxic and non-flammable source of light. These Cyalume Chemlight Light Sticks from LC Industries provide instant, safe, reliable and effective lighting without head, sparks or flame. The compact size of these glow sticks, make them easily portable. When the chemlight is snapped two safe chemicals mix inside the plastic casing to create a 360-degree bright instant light. Designed for emergency, safety and signaling use, a snaplight is one of the best tools you can have around. In the event of a blackout, evacuation or severe weather, these glow in the dark novelties are extremely handy. LCI 4 inch Chem Lights are individually wrapped, waterproof and maintain a maximum shelf life of 48 months.

Specifications for LC Industries Cyalume Glow Stick:

Length: 4 inches
Duration: 8 hours and 6 hours
Colors: Orange and Green - Infrared(8hrs)
Quantity: 100 per box

Features of LCI 4" Cyalume Lightstick:

  • Compact
  • Water proof and non-toxic
  • Non electrical, no batteries, no bulbs, no lenses
  • Does not generate heat or sparks
  • Safe, convenient, practical and non-flammable
  • Reliable in hazardous situations
  • 48 month shelf life
  • Emits 360 degree of bright, reliable light

Package Contents:

  • LC Industries Cyalume Chemlight 4" Lightsticks 100/box

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