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Televue telescope accessories are designed to increase the power and efficiency of your astronomical observations. From telescope eyepieces to magnification-increasing Barlow lenses, Televue manufactures a wide range of aids and modifications to your astronomical telescope. Telescope accessories come in a variety of different sizes for all types of astronomers, from deep-sky observers to hobbyists who want to get a close look at the moon. Each Tele Vue telescope accessory is built to the highest standards of optics and mechanics, built to give you the clearest view of the night sky and the objects that can be seen in its farthest reaches. Your telescope can do all sorts of things with a new telescope accessory, from taking a guided tour of the night sky to filtering out a light spectrum so you can see distant nebulae to providing a stable base for your scope, all thanks to the engineering expertise of Tele-Vue. Get a wider view of the universe with telescope accessories by TeleVue.

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