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Tinks Smokin Sticks, Deer- Rut-Doe Estrous W6106
$7.59 $11.99 Save 37%
Additional Features: Deer- Rut-Doe Estrous
Scent: Whitetail
Code: 72-5S-STICKSMOKINT-W6106
MPN: W6106
UPC: 049818891936
Tinks Smokin Sticks, Predator - Food Source W6109BL
$8.29 $12.99 Save 36%
Additional Features: Predator - Food Source
Scent: Whitetail
MPN: W6109BL
UPC: 049818211635
Tinks Smokin Sticks, Deer - All Season W6105
$8.79 $12.99 Save 32%
Additional Features: Deer - All Season
Scent: Whitetail
Code: 72-5S-STICKSMOKINT-W6105
MPN: W6105
UPC: 049818891929
Tinks Smokin Sticks, Moose - Cow-in-Estrous W6103BL
$8.89 $12.99 Save 32%
Additional Features: Moose - Cow-in-Estrous
MPN: W6103BL
UPC: 049818210454
No Image Available
$9.09 $12.82 Save 29%
Additional Features: Bear - Wild Berry
Code: 72-5S-STICKSMOKINT-W6102
MPN: W6102
UPC: 049818891899
Tinks Smokin Sticks, Bear - Honey Bacon W6108BL
$9.89 $12.99 Save 24%
Additional Features: Bear - Honey Bacon
MPN: W6108BL
UPC: 049818211628
Tinks Smokin Sticks, Elk - Cow Estrous W6104
Additional Features: Elk - Cow Estrous
Code: 72-5S-STICKSMOKINT-W6104
MPN: W6104
UPC: 049818891912
Tinks Smokin Sticks, Honeysuckle and 69-X Combo W5895
$14.49 $21.49 Save 33%
Additional Features: Honeysuckle and 69-X Combo
Code: 72-5S-STICKSMOKINT-W5895
MPN: W5895
UPC: 049818212403

Tinks Smokin Sticks Product Info

An incredible cologne for just about any hunter, the Tinks Smokin Sticks will help keep your human scent masked. A successful hunting essence can make you practically imperceptible to your target. And thanks to the Tinks Smokin Sticks there has never been a greater time for you to consider a hunting scent. These Hunting Accessories from Tinks are crafted with all the legitimate elements you've come to expect out of this outstanding hunting company. Tinks has been a big component of the hunting culture for a number of years, and the Tinks Smokin Sticks is the result of their initiatives to be sure you produce the very best hunting outings. If you are searching for the most suitable way to cover up your individual odor, select the Tinks Smokin Sticks.

Tink's Honeysuckle and 69-X Smokin' Sticks Features: - Combo pack of a food and rut scent - Honeysuckle is an irresistable food scent - 69-X is a Doe Estrous scent - Smokes for approximately 2 hours - Scent will stick to everything it comes in contact with - Contains 6 Honeysuckle and 6 69-X sticks per pack - For best results use with Tink's Smoke Stack

Tinks W6106: Smokin Sticks, Deer- Rut-Doe Estrous
Tinks W6109BL: Smokin Sticks, Predator - Food Source
Tinks W6105: Smokin Sticks, Deer - All Season
Tinks W6103BL: Smokin Sticks, Moose - Cow-in-Estrous
Tinks W6102: Smokin Sticks, Bear - Wild Berry
Tinks W6108BL: Smokin Sticks, Bear - Honey Bacon
Tinks W6104: Smokin Sticks, Elk - Cow Estrous
Tinks W5895: Smokin Sticks, Honeysuckle and 69-X Combo

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  • Tinks Smokin Sticks

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